Sweating in dog days = detoxification? Sweat in these parts is actually hollowing out your body!

Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Mi.

It has been getting hotter and hotter recently, and the topic of sweating and detoxification in dog days has also been hotly debated. But this sweltering dog day is especially “malicious” for one type of person – those who sweat a lot!

There will always be someone beside everyone, and ordinary actions, such as taking a few more steps on the road, will make you sweat profusely and get wet through. The worst thing is that sometimes when I eat a meal, my face is basically never done, sweat drips down like I don’t want money, and there is a faint smell of sweat on my body. . .

Well, if there are such people around you, it is very likely that they are not detoxing, but is up.

Originally, the temperature in summer is very high, and it is normal to open up the pores, and sweat when the pores open. However, the amount of sweat must be moderate, and there must be a “door” guarding it. This “door” is Qi.

From the perspective of TCM theory, “Yang plus yin is called sweat”. Sweat is formed by yang qi vaporizing body fluids and reaching the surface of the body. These qi are accumulated by you after conditioning your body’s internal organs last year. Some of the qi in it is used to free up for summer to help the pores open and close to control sweat. . .

Under normal circumstances, if you have enough qi and your pores can be closed, the sweat can come in and out freely, and you won’t keep going. turbulent there. But if the viscera is dysfunctional, the air is not enough, and the pores cannot be controlled, the sweat will burst out, forcing people to change several sets of clothes a day.

What’s more, “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” says: “Jong is open, Rong Weitong, perspiration, so the qi is vented. It’s okay.” It’s normal to sweat when it’s hot, but if you sweat too much, your qi will run out with the sweat.

The more sweat, the more sweat, the more sweat, this is a vicious circle. So don’t look at those people who sweat a lot and are tall and fit. This kind of person usually has a weak body, a disease, and needs to be cured, and the medicine cannot be stopped. . .

There are several types of abnormal sweating. How to tell the difference?

One, Sweat on head, face, neck

Sweating on the head and face is the most common clinical experience, especially when the weather is hot in summer, one will sweat profusely after eating, and some sweat All stunned.

There are many reasons for sweating, but most of them are lung qi deficiency< /strong>. Because the head is at the top of the human body, the “lungs are the canopy” among the five internal organs, and the lungs cover all other internal organs, so sweating on the head, face, and neck is usually due to insufficient lung qi. Moreover, the lungs control the skin and open the nose, so if the lungs are insufficient, you can see that they sweat a lot around the nose, the sides of the nose, and the upper lip.

some sweating and moisture accompanied by strongstrong , this kind of person generally has a plump body. Chinese medicine describes this kind of person as “form, strong and qi deficiency”, or more popularly, “outside strong and medium dry”. It looks very plump, but the actual qi is very empty. The more plump and empty, the easier it is to sweat more.

There is also a special kind of head sweat, called “steamer head” ”, most commonly seen after children fall asleep. Does it matter? Qian Yi of the Song Dynasty said that children “top to the head and bottom to the neck, but the chest is no need to treat it.” The sweat can be removed within half an hour of falling asleep, and factors such as calcium deficiency are excluded, and there is no need for intervention under normal circumstances.

Two,Sweaty hands and feet strong>

It is also common to see sweating on the palms and soles of the hands and feet. This is usually a bad temper Virtual. There is a saying in Chinese medicine that “the spleen controls the four limbs”. It is believed that the four limbs belong to the spleen. Once the spleen is weak, sweat will flow out from the palms and soles.

Fire in the spleen and stomachIt can also cause sweating of the hands, feet and hearts, because the fire forces the body fluids out of the body . For example, like steaming steamed buns, water droplets will appear on the surface of the steamed buns, and these droplets are sweat. Spleen-stomach-fired sweating may also be accompanied by symptoms such as dry mouth and irritability, burning skin, constipation, and yellow and dry tongue coating.

Heart and kidney yin deficiencymay also sweat . The heart meridian passes through the palm of the hand, and the kidney meridian passes through the sole of the foot. When the heart and kidney yin is deficient, the symptoms of fever and sweating of the hands, feet and heart will occur. At this time, there will be other symptoms of yin deficiency, such as soreness and weakness of the waist and knees, upset, insomnia, red tongue, little or no coating. Moss or peeling moss, etc.

Three, Front chest, armpit out Sweat

Sweat on the front chest is better understood than other areas. Where is the chest closest to? heart. “Zhang Shi Yi Tong” said that there is no sweat or less sweat in other places, only the front chest sweats, which is called Heart sweat (insufficient heart qi) span>.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the heart and summer are closely related, and the heart is connected with summer. When the weather is hot in summer, the sweat on the chest is the liquid of the heart, and the sweat that flows out is the heart qi. If your chest is constantly sweating, if you sweat too much, what will be lost is your heart qi and heart yin. These people tend to think too much, worry too much, and are prone to panic and palpitations.

Of course,insufficientalso Causes underarm sweating. Because of the twelve meridians, the heart meridian and the pericardium meridian pass through the armpit. When the heart qi is deficient, the armpit is prone to sweating. At the same time, such people may be accompanied by lack of energy, palpitation, lack of energy, chest tightness and other symptoms of lack of energy. If the sweaty areas of the underarms are dyed yellow, also consider the condition of the bodydamp heat.

four, back out Sweat

Excessive sweating on the back, more consideration is related to one meridian——Foot sun bladder Via. I have a lot of patients, the main complaint is that the back sweats a lot. All year round, as long as you move a little, the back is sweaty and soaked. Why? Because the sun is the main watch, the main skin, is the “fence” of the human body.

After a person is heated in summer, as soon as the heat of the heat invades the human body, it will first go to the meridian of the sun and get Go through it first. When the qi and blood of the sun meridian is disturbed, Ying Qi and Wei Qi will be out of balance. As soon as the camp and guard are out of balance, the guard qi is not stable, the door is not closed tightly, and when the wind blows, the crack of the door becomes wider, which leads to sweating.

So people who sweat on their backs will always feel that their backs are always cold, and they don’t seem to wear anything. In the back of my mind, I have to wear a neck cover to cover it in the summer. Some people still have the back of the neck, the back is tight, etc. Because of excessive sweating, the nutrition of the back muscles and veins is lost. After a long time, the back is uncomfortable, and it is easy to get cervical spondylosis and even meningitis. .

In addition, there are many other sweats:

, you will often sweat at night and night sweats;

If the cold evil is too heavy, you will often sweat coldly;

Excessive humidity will cause sticky sweat;

Liver meridian is damp and hot, stinky sweat and yellow clothes;< /p>

If qi, blood and yin are insufficient, the body will not sweat. . . .

Of course, the above sweats are definitely different from the actual ones. Some people may see several kinds of sweats at the same time, but these descriptions point to the problem A principle, that is—Your sweat is closely related to the ups and downs of your viscera functions, and sweat is a part of the human body that can reflect pathological changes. If you are hit with the above, then this summer, please take care of other internal organs while nourishing your heart.

What to do? 2 strokes brokenstrong>

1.Have a drink span>

Sweat hurts the body and consumes gas. Usually, you can soak some Astragalus in the water. If you are afraid of getting angry, add American ginseng, and add Schisandra to stop sweating. Nourishes heart qi, tonifies lung qi, and suppresses sweat.

2.One Click

Hegu acupoint + Fuliu acupoint is an empirical acupoint for the treatment of abnormal sweating. When you have nothing to do, you can press this group of acupuncture points appropriately. For example, press the last 3-5 minutes each time.

Finally, about sweating There are three simple sentences:

It is advisable to sweat a little, but not to sweat a lot;

It is advisable to sweat vigorously, but not to sweat quietly.

The principle is here, if it works well, it is a great “detoxification”; , it’s up to you!

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