Summer ushered in the high incidence of “facial paralysis”, Chinese medicine teaches you how to deal with it

[Source: 937 Jiangsu News Broadcasting]

During this period, the temperature remained high, and many household air conditioners were used more and more frequently. will blow up the problem. Recently, the number of patients coming to the hospital because of facial paralysis has increased significantly, and many people are blamed for this air conditioner.

As the temperature rises, the frequency of use of air conditioners in offices, homes and cars is getting higher and higher, but the air conditioners cannot be blown casually. After playing table tennis, the 70-year-old Uncle Wang, Facial paralysis due to greed for the cold.

Patient Mr. Wang: “I was sweating profusely when I played for about thirty or forty minutes. We have two air conditioners. , wall-mounted air conditioner, I stood under the air conditioner and faced my face to blow air. Oh, it’s cool, and it feels as good as eating cold drinks. p>Although it was cool, Uncle Wang felt numb and numb on his face that night, and the corners of his mouth were crooked. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed with acute facial paralysis.

Xu Yiquan, deputy director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine: “This is a typical type of sweating after exercising and blowing on the air conditioner. He likes to play table tennis, and the next day he is paralyzed and needs a In the recovery period of about a month, most people recover as before, and a small number of people will leave sequelae, which is related to the degree of facial nerve damage.”

After a week of acupuncture treatment, Uncle Wang’s facial paralysis symptoms were relieved. According to Chinese medicine, facial paralysis is a common and frequently-occurring disease. It is not restricted by age, but it is more common around the age of 45. In summer, greed for cold after sweating, improper use of air-conditioning fans, and sudden changes in temperature can easily stimulate facial nerves and cause neural tube dysfunction.

Xu Yiquan: “You can stay in the air-conditioned room, the temperature should not be too low, and the temperature should not be too low when you fall asleep, and you can’t blow the air conditioner to the fan after exercising. Try to eat a lighter diet in summer, Big meat is also a burden to the gastrointestinal tract, and a bland diet will make our function and immune function better.”

(Source: Nanjing Zero Distance)

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