such as Qinghai Lake

Source: People’s Daily Online – People’s Daily Overseas Edition

Water birds perched and forage on the shore of Qinghai Lake. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Jun

If the outline of Qinghai Province on the map is compared to a rabbit, Qinghai Lake is the rabbit’s eyes, which is the most charming place. In my initial conception, the lake was a view of the boundary at a glance, and it was calm, but Qinghai Lake broke my old concept.

The train was galloping on the rails, and a piece of water appeared on the left side. According to the passengers, it was Qinghai Lake. Looking at a large area, but being told that this is just the tip of the iceberg, I doubt it, is Qinghai Lake really that big? For a long time after that, Qinghai Lake was always on the left side of the railway, and I began to believe what the passengers said.

Getting off at Niaodao Station, I ran towards the lake, wanting to appreciate the vastness of Qinghai Lake. On the way, the plateau pika stood at the entrance of the hole and looked at me, the uninvited guest, with curiosity in their eyes. I guess they were asking: Who are you? from where? Why are you here? When I was far away, I heard a rapid creaking sound behind me, as if arguing about something, no doubt, in this place called “no man’s land”, my presence was something new to them.

I haven’t seen the lake yet. The sound of water came from the other side of the road. When I got to the shore, the scene in front of me surprised me. Where is this lake? The sparkling blue water is endless, and the farther away, the darker the color, like a piece of emerald embedded on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The waves of water that do not know how to stop wash up on the beach again and again, and are pulled back by an invisible force, giving off a rhythmic sound. There is a rustling sound, the soft sandy beach is under my feet, and the oncoming wind is mixed with a faint salty smell… Everything in front of me evokes my memory of the sea.

Tibetan calls Qinghai Lake “Tsowenbu”, which means “blue sea”. As the largest saltwater lake in China, standing on the shore, it is indeed as vast as the sea. Among all the large lakes I have seen, Qinghai Lake has the clearest water and the most beautiful emerald color. Standing on the shore, the fine sand in the shallow water is clearly visible, and the sun shines through the waves to cast shining streaks on the bottom of the lake, intertwined with each other, like a golden fishing net laid on the bottom. Not far from the shore, the bar-headed geese family is swimming on the water, the furry little guy is closely behind his parents, and the huang fish near the shore are playing in the water. Their cheerful appearance confirms the saying that “Qinghai Lake is a paradise for fish and birds”.

Sitting on the beach, quietly feeling the coolness of the lake breeze, the ancient songs sung by the water waves can be heard in the ears, and it tells the past to the visitors in its own language. I dip my fingertips in the water, and a cooling sensation spreads all over my body. Looking at the sapphire-like lake surface, I couldn’t help but taste the taste of the lake’s water, which reminded me of the first time I made soup with too much salt. The sky above the lake is a blue sky, and the clouds in the sky merge into a white sea. Where there are clouds, there are often mountains. Sure enough, at the intersection of blue, green and white, the island in the middle of the lake can be vaguely seen, hazy like a fairy mountain on the sea. , ethereal, mysterious, and aspirational. On the grass not far from the shore, golden wildflowers are blooming brightly, falling on the mortal world like broken stars.

It was time to say goodbye. I got on the train and took a seat by the window. As the sound of the water faded away, I took out my camera and took a picture of the last distant view of Qinghai Lake, so time stood still at this moment, the scenery was frozen at this moment, and it became an unforgettable memory.