Stretch after exercise to make your body stronger

Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to fitness in their daily life. But whether it is a beginner or a fitness expert, they often focus on the exercise itself, ignoring the recovery after training. In fact, exercise and training are only stimulating processes for the body, and recovery and regeneration are what really strengthens the body.

Usually everyone will passively recover by resting after exercise, and actively doing stretching training is also a good way to recover the body. The immediate effect of stretching on the range of motion of the joints is temporary and can only be maintained with persistence. Stretching training is mainly divided into static stretching and dynamic stretching.

Static stretching tips:

1. Put the body in a position that is easy to relax.

2. Stretch to the point where you experience moderate discomfort, or a strong stretch without pain.

3. Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds each time, and the total stretching time for one part needs to reach 1 minute.

4. Pay attention to symmetrical stretching, such as left and right legs, front and back of thighs, etc.


1. If you feel pain, radiation symptoms or loss of sensation, the tensile strength should be reduced.

2. For hyperactive joints, be careful when stretching.

3. Avoid compound movements of the spine, such as simultaneous extension and lateral flexion.

4. Activating the relevant stabilizing muscles to protect other joints and avoid unnecessary movements.

Dynamic stretching essentials:

1. Repeat each action 5-10 times, which can be stretched in situ or between travels.

2. If possible, gradually increase the range of motion each time.

3. If possible, gradually increase the speed of movement with each set.

4. Maintain active muscle control over movement.

5. Dynamic stretching before exercise should simulate sports-specific technical movements as much as possible.


1. The stretching range should be gradual.

2. Stay focused when doing movements, and don’t appear bouncing.

3. Don’t reduce the quality of movement technique in order to increase the range of motion.

If you are not sure about the correct stretching, you can seek professional help and consult a professional coach.