Strengthening Supervision and Management to Consolidate the Foundation of Ideals and Beliefs

Recently, in order to further urge young cadres to build a solid foundation of ideals and beliefs, hold the line of defense against corruption and change, establish and practice the correct view of political achievements, and at the same time cultivate strong skills, carry forward the spirit of responsibility and fighting spirit, China Construction Bank Xinjiang Branch In accordance with the relevant requirements of the head office, various measures were taken to carry out educational activities on the theme of “building the foundation of ideals and beliefs and forging the spirit of responsibility and struggle” for young cadres in Xinjiang branch, and strengthened the supervision, inspection and education management of young cadres throughout the bank.

Strengthen the political nature and strengthen the supervision and management of young cadres with thematic education as the starting point. CCB Xinjiang Branch Disciplinary Committee has always adhered to education as the first priority, not only attaching importance to supervision and inspection, but also paying more attention to the effect of education. It promotes young cadres to systematically study the party’s political theory and basic ideas through various methods such as grading and grading and highlighting key points, and strengthens young cadres. Political experience and the tempering of political life within the party guide them to be reverent, guarded, and guard the bottom line, and constantly enhance the political judgment, political understanding, and political execution of young cadres.

The bank has built a solid foundation of ideals and beliefs by upholding the “Five Passes”, insisted on integrating warning education with party spirit education, discipline education, legal education, and compliance education, and urged young cadres to hold the line of defense against corruption and change , in ideological and action, hold the political key of “listening to the party’s words, feeling the party’s grace, and following the party”; in exercising power, holding the power key of “using the power with integrity, fairness, and discipline and discipline”; In interpersonal communication, keep the communication barrier of “communication with principles, boundaries and rules”; keep the life barrier of “self-discipline, self-discipline and self-cultivation” in life; in the education and guidance of relatives, keep the “strict private morality, bright morality, Keeping public morals” family relationship.

For the sake of practicality, CCB Xinjiang Branch organized the “Five Ones” activities to delineate the bottom line of the law of integrity. The educational activities focus on the newly promoted young cadres of the Party committees at all levels of the branch since 2019. Through the combination of collective learning and self-study, and the integration of positive education and negative warnings, organize young cadres at all levels of the bank to carry out “a special study”. Activities such as an exchange and discussion, a visit to a clean government, a talk on clean government, and a delivery of the code of conduct to the hands, take multiple measures to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of education, urge the young cadres to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, and keep a clear understanding at all times , often in accordance with the party’s theory, line, principles and policies, in accordance with the party constitution, party regulations and party discipline, always maintain self-respect, strictly abide by laws and regulations, buckle the “first button” of honest work, and effectively mobilize the subjective initiative and enthusiasm of young cadres to learn, become Loyal and reliable cadres of the party and the people.

The person in charge of CCB Xinjiang Branch said that the bank will focus on long-term effects in the future, consolidate and expand the achievements of learning and education with a long-term mechanism, and will gradually explore the normalization and long-term effect of warning education, and implement it in a timely manner. Effective good experiences and good practices are summed up and promoted. At the same time, taking this theme education activity as an opportunity, we will pay close attention to the “top leaders” of institutions at all levels and their team members to carry out supervision and inspection, and continue to strengthen the education and guidance of leading cadres in key areas, key links and important positions, especially for young cadres from Strict education, management and supervision, practically set the “steering wheel” for the growth of young cadres, and fasten the “seat belt” of integrity, so that young cadres do not stray from the norm.

In the next step, the bank will continue to strengthen the construction of a clean financial culture, constantly rectify the “four styles”, and promote the formation of a strong atmosphere of knowing and advocating honesty, practicing honesty, honoring honesty and respecting honesty, Provide a solid disciplinary guarantee for the high-quality development of various businesses of CCB Xinjiang Branch.

(Jianxin Xuan)