“Staying in Sanya for 7 days will cost 180,000” is not true, but the issue of room and board still needs attention

On August 7, a news that “a family of 13 people staying in a high-end hotel in Sanya and spending 180,000 yuan for 7 days” aroused public attention. On the 8th, when the reporter contacted the news party, Xu Lu (pseudonym) directly called the rumors scary and said that “the standard of 700 yuan per person per meal” was a misunderstanding. The hotel has different restaurants, and guests can choose different standards. It does not mean that everyone must eat a buffet of 700 yuan every day. (China News Network on August 8)

According to previous reports, the Xu Lu family who traveled from Chengdu to Sanya If you stay at Mandarin Oriental, Sanya due to the epidemic, if you continue to stay at half price, the room fee per room per night will be 2,500 yuan, and the lunch and dinner buffet will be 700 yuan per person. Roughly calculated, the daily cost of room and board for a family of 13 is as high as 26,500 yuan, and the 7-day stay means the cost is as high as 180,000 yuan.

It cost 180,000 to stay for 7 days. Such a topic and content can be said to be full of topics and naturally arouse public opinion. On the field, there were voices of doubts about the Sanya government’s improper handling of the resettlement of stranded tourists. But when you think about it, the content itself has something to discuss.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Sanya

2,500 yuan for the room and 700 yuan for each The buffet is a bit expensive, but Mandarin Oriental, Sanya itself is a luxury hotel. The seemingly sky-high price is actually its daily price, and the room rate is already half price. So the crux of the question is whether the hotel provides light meals outside the buffet, and whether the local Sanya allows tourists to choose other hotels on their own. If so, it is not appropriate for tourists to choose to stay in a luxury hotel and then complain about their grievances.

The current round of the epidemic in Sanya is fierce, and more than 1,000 positive cases have been reported in just one week. The prevention and control situation is severe. Especially when over 80,000 tourists are stranded in Sanya, how to properly arrange their food and accommodation has become an urgent problem for the Sanya government to solve.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Sanya government requires hotels to provide half-price extended stay services. When staying in a hotel, you can choose other hotels in your area by yourself, and stay at half price on the basis of the lowest price announced on Ctrip’s official website. The transportation department is responsible for dispatching vehicles to guarantee. Previously, the deputy mayor of Sanya settled stranded tourists at the airport, and subsequently opened a 24-hour hotline for tourism-related epidemics, all of which showed a responsible attitude to effectively solve the problem of stranded tourists.

In fact, whether it is the stranded tourists or the Sanya government, the two sides have the same position on the issue of accommodation. For the stranded tourists, the anxiety and financial burden under the uncertainty of the epidemic are understandable things. However, to put all tourists in Sanya and reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic is also the most difficult and most test of responsibility and ability. Therefore, in the face of common problems, it is even more necessary for both parties to walk in the same direction and work together to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.

Of course, the premise of making the stranded tourists understand and cooperate is that the Sanya government must do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, properly solve the problem of accommodation for stranded tourists. Providing half-price renewing services and opening a special hotline for epidemic-related seats, similar responses and statements are worthy of praise, but more importantly, the Sanya government must ensure that the preferential policies are implemented to avoid the occurrence of non-compliance and non-compliance case appeared. Previously, there were media reports that some hotels in Sanya had the tricky behavior of raising prices first and then discounting. For similar crimes committed against the wind, it is necessary for the regulatory authorities to find out and punish them together to set an example.

All in all, the news that “staying in Sanya for 7 days will cost 180,000 yuan” is untrue, but the food behind it The issue of accommodation must be paid attention to. This is not only the government’s due responsibility to fight the epidemic prevention and control battle, but also a prerequisite for ensuring that stranded tourists cooperate and support prevention and control policies. The Sanya government will use refined and humanized service plans to reassure the stranded tourists. Tourists should also actively cooperate with epidemic prevention, try not to raise excessive requirements, and do not cause trouble to epidemic prevention and control. Fighting the epidemic with one heart, no chain can be lost in every link.

Source: Zhengguan News