Spring is in full bloom, and the disease is active again!

Spring is blooming, and it’s time for another type of disease

active, and that is allergic asthma.

Allergic asthma is a type of asthma that is caused and/or triggered by allergens, accounting for more than 50% of adult asthma and more than 80% of childhood asthma.

There are hundreds of allergens that cause asthma, and in the spring we mainly avoid exposure to the following inhaled allergens.

01 Dust mites

The most important allergen in allergic asthma in my country, most allergic asthma symptoms are closely related to dust mite allergy.

02 Pollen

An important cause of seasonal allergic asthma, especially in patients with allergic rhinitis.

03 Cat hair, dog hair and animal dander

Now many people have pets at home, and pet allergies have become a social problem.

So, in addition to staying away from allergens, how can you prevent allergic asthma in your daily life?

Moderate exercise

Outdoor allergens increase in spring, and patients with allergic asthma are more likely to experience wheezing after exercise. sit still. But in the long run, it will not only lead to a decline in physical resistance and activity endurance, but also make it easier to become anxious and depressed.

In fact, moderate physical exercise is beneficial and safe for asthma patients. Physical exercise such as swimming can not only strengthen the body, but also enhance the cardiopulmonary function and keep the mood comfortable.

The exercise of asthma patients must be gradual and not hasty, especially for patients with acute asthma attack, or to take medicine. Treatment and rest are the mainstays.

Regular medication

Common treatment drugs include control drugs with anti-inflammatory effects, which need to be used consistently by patients every day. There are also reliever drugs mainly based on rapid tracheal relaxation. It can take effect within a few minutes and relieve airway spasm, but it is only used as an emergency drug. If the effect of repeated use is not good, you need to go to the hospital in time to avoid delaying the disease. Medication is the core of asthma treatment. Remember not to reduce or stop medication without authorization!