(Sports) Nan Li, a skydiving equipment engineer: “Dinghaishenzhen” to ensure the safety of tourists

This article is reprinted from: Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, Haikou, July 25th Telegram: Nan Li, a skydiving equipment engineer: “Dinghaishenzhen” to ensure the safety of tourists

Xinhua News Agency Reporters Hu Zhixuan and Yang Guanyu

In Haitang Bay, Sanya in midsummer, the sun is shining brightly in the sky, and several parachutes slowly appear in the blue sky. Approaching the ground, Nan Li led his customer to glide against the ground, rubbing the sand, and landed safely.

Nam Lee, who has skydived more than 9,000 times, is from South Korea. Today, he rarely “goes into battle with an umbrella” and takes tourists soaring into the sky. More often, as a master skydiving equipment engineer, he is buried in the maintenance room of Sanya Tah Extreme Sports Club Co., Ltd., silently checking the “wings” for every safe aerial flight.

“Three, two,…’crack'”, the countdown has not yet ended, a parachute could not stand the pull test and ended its mission.

Tests like this happen every once in a while in the maintenance room. For every test, it is possible to lose an umbrella. “One top is more than 30,000 yuan (RMB).” General Manager Zhang Enming said.

The “founder” of the pull test is Nan Li, who joined in September 2021. The addition of pull tests increases the cost, but further ensures the safety of tourists and practitioners. In Zhang Enming’s eyes, Nan Li’s arrival has set a “fixation needle” for the safety of the base’s equipment. “With him, I no longer have to worry about problems with skydiving equipment.”

This kind of trust is not without it reason.

Since the first contact with skydiving in 2005, Nan Li, who was born in 1986, has been “understanding the umbrella” for 17 years. In 2020, he obtained his FAA Master Skydiving Gear Master license in Dubai, which means he can handle almost all skydiving gear by himself, according to the gear manual.

Nan Li has his own insistence on the safety of skydiving equipment: if a small part needs to be replaced, he will insist on using the parts provided by a qualified manufacturer; after checking the umbrella bag, he will meticulously mark it in red Marks for folders to identify; backup umbrellas that are not used very often, he needs to disassemble and inspect them and then fold them every once in a while, which often takes 6 hours at a time.

Nan Li explained that although the backup umbrella is not often used, every time it is used, it is in an emergency. During skydiving, once there is a problem with the main parachute, the parachutist will quickly switch to the backup parachute to ensure safe landing.

This “foolproof” obsession with safety stems from an accidental injury to him. Nan Li sprained his knee on his first jump after getting his junior license for skydiving, and was resting for several months. Since then, he has really learned to keep learning and learning about skydiving.

“Safety first, entertainment second” is the common understanding of Nan Li and Zhang Enming on the sport of skydiving.

“my country’s skydiving started late and developed slowly. Most practitioners’ understanding and cognition of skydiving still lags far behind foreign professionals.” Zhang Enming said, “We need it very much. Professional and mature practitioners like Nan Li will lead relevant domestic staff to grow and ensure the safety of tourists in the skydiving experience.”

In recent years, the skydiving industry in Hainan has been in a period of vigorous development. According to statistics from the Hainan Aviation Sports Association, Hainan will experience a total of 12,000 skydiving experiences in 2021. Whether for tourists or practitioners, it is particularly important to ensure the safety of skydiving.

The tandem skydiving coach Han Tongyou said half-jokingly that Nan Li only has work in his eyes and seems to be working all the time. For Nan Li’s level, Han Tongyou is full of praise, “He is the best equipment engineer I have ever seen, no matter what kind of parachute equipment there is a problem, he can solve it.”

Because he is optimistic China’s skydiving “blue ocean”, coupled with the sincere invitation of Tah Extreme Sports Club, Nan Li came to Sanya with his love for skydiving and dedication to safety.

Everyone is bitter and hot, I love long summers. Nan Li fell in love with Sanya, he said, he likes the tropical climate and the working environment here.

In daily life, ordering takeout, using Taobao, learning Chinese… Nan Li is gradually adapting to the lifestyle of young Chinese. He enjoys working in a place he likes, doing a job he likes, and being able to constantly explore Chinese culture.

“I don’t like to look at the past and the future, but only focus on the present.” Nan Li said that what he thinks now is to enjoy the climate and environment of Sanya, give full play to his strengths, and enjoy every day here. .