“Some young people suffer from depression because of their parents.” What do you think?

“Some young people get depression because of their parents” What do you think?

There are many reasons for depression, the most important of which are personality factors. Depressed patients are basically sensitive, suspicious, insecure, inferior and self-blame, easy to be anxious, Fear of failure, dare not face, dare not take on the character, and the formation of this character, and improper family education, caused by too demanding.

Adolescents suffer from depression and have a great relationship with their parents. When making adjustments, parents should be made aware of their own problems, learn to improve, and change the way they communicate with their children. Understand the feelings of the child, make the parent-child relationship gradually harmonious, and create a good family atmosphere for the recovery of depression.

Now there are some family education instructors and psychological consultants who emphasize the influence of parents when solving children’s depression, causing some consultations to become consultants and children to accuse parents The parent-child relationship became more tense, and the child believed that his own problems were caused by the parents, and the conflict became clearer and stronger, which brought resistance to recovery.

When adjusting these kinds of problems, you can discuss with the client that your parents made some mistakes that affected you, but they are not experts, they are ordinary The common people, and they have realized their own problems, are learning to change, we give them time and opportunity to change.

Nowadays, there is a phenomenon that is rampant, that is, overemphasizing the harm of the original family to the child. This approach not only fails to solve the child’s depression, but intensifies the family conflict. Symptoms are getting worse.