Some friends circle sand sculpture copywriting

1. Justice can be late, why can’t I sleep for ten more minutes?

2. Some people say that my circle of friends is not nutritious, why? drop! You are stewing bone soup in the circle of friends.

3. You still have to have a dream, otherwise you will talk to people if you drink too much one day.

4. I will not copy and paste sand sculptures in the future. The 2020 character is set to be the silent princess.

5. Falling in love? Isn’t it just a sad picture, a sad picture.

6. As long as I insist not to post on the Moments, I will become a star, and I will have 0 updates.

7. The gap between the rich and the poor from sleep: I went to bed, I went back to my room to sleep, I went upstairs to sleep, I found a place to sleep.

8. I really want to care about you, but you are not always sick. 9. Conditions for falling asleep at night: the light should not be too bright, the quilt should be cool and warm, the pillow should be good to sleep, to find a good sleeping position, not too noisy, it is best to stay away from 3C, the head should not be anxious, and the body and mind should be relaxed. Conditions for falling asleep at work: Just sit. This society is too realistic, I am so ugly, people’s first impression of me is still poor.

10. Playing the king can really make you younger, otherwise how could they say that I am a primary school student.

11. I don’t want to go to school, and I don’t want to go to school. We were forced together, but it was a marriage of capital.

12. I was eating puffs and accidentally fell to the ground and squashed them. My mother said that I couldn’t eat them because they were puffs.

13. Everyone else is spending the first month, but I am spending the next month’s money.

14. It’s your business whether we have a boyfriend or not after we break up, and it’s my business whether to beat him or not.

15. Always keep half of the mystery to others. For example, I will only tell others that my salary is a little more than 2,000,000. I have no comment on where that point is.

16. I have a showdown. In fact, I have a boyfriend, but it is not stable at the moment, and sometimes I can’t dream.

17. I’m a little hungry and don’t know what to eat. I’ll just open the king to eat your midline, quack and fragrant.

18. Wow! It’s amazing, I found that I have as many fingers as I have fingernails.

19, take it, take it, take it all, take away my jokes, take away my sadness, my tears, my indecision, Take the love I have nowhere to find, my dull life and the sadness I have nowhere to sell.

20. Are you autistic? Don’t say good night? Baby won’t cry? Love you won’t fight?

21, well, you are great, you have the ability, you can kill me, anyway, my tears are not just talking, I will hide in the arms of other men cry.

22. I didn’t expect that the first person to ride me in so many years was Yao.

23, I think you have feelings for me. I found out from the circle of friends that you send from time to time. You want to show your charm to confuse me so that I like it Go on you, today you posted this circle of friends, it seems to be fishing, but in fact, I just want to get my response. In order not to let your love fail, I decided to allow you to communicate with me today.

24, good morning, men go downstairs for a run, not allowed to live the life of a young master, girls are not allowed to get up, sleep more, love you treasure.

25. When I open my eyes, it is bright, and when I close my eyes, it is dark. Is it possible that I am also a refrigerator?

26. I don’t like to talk more and more, and I plan to sign up for a sign language class recently.

27, Silent, your love is also changed by xr.

28. Then keep being cold, until you meet the person who is willing to feed you ten bottles of pesticides and make you completely cold.

29. I just washed my husband’s clothes and rubbed my hands. Before washing clothes, I usually need to eliminate the poison five times. Today, I was beaten twice by my husband because I missed it once. Slap, now I feel a little aggrieved, the new husband adds.

30. In the past, when you were in a relationship, you had to carry your phone number and QQ number to carry your birthday anniversary. Now don’t cheat on my back.

31. I just entered the new school and went shopping and found that the school actually has a western restaurant. I thought that the school’s restaurant is quite high-end. Who knew that after a while, there was an East Restaurant.

32. I am short of money, so I can write winter vacation homework for elementary school, except for ideology and morality, because I have no quality.

33, I am always forgetful, do I have alpine disease?

34. Blessed are the friends who pay attention to health care. Today, you can go to the major trash cans to pick up the roses that others have thrown away.

35. I don’t want to be a funny character anymore. When I cry, my friends think I’m not full.

36. My 18-year-old tidi a6 paid 427,500 yuan in full, without costing my parents a penny.

37, I would like to ask, that is, I talked to two people at one time, but they both asked me out tomorrow, should I go? Or should I wake up?

38. If I knew life was like this, I would start saving money in kindergarten.

39. Today’s task: talk to the opposite sex (0/111), eat enough (6/3) and curse (50/3).

40. Exercise is a kind of enjoyment, but I don’t like exercise because I’m not the kind of person who is greedy for enjoyment.

41. I really miss when I was a child, I could ask for money as long as I stretched out my hand, but now I can’t, I have to kneel on the road and stretch out my hand.

42. There was a sudden power outage at home. I had to keep entering the door and solve the lighting problem by my frequent appearances.