Solar terms and health | Today’s Grain Rain, the cold wave has passed, and the humidity is coming! Want to enter the summer safely? Learn some rules and you won’t suffer~

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Before the rain in the spring valley, Qing and Yi Wan Tian. ——Today’s Grain Rain

The ancient book “Quanfang Pu” records: “Grain rain, the grain is born from the rain.”

Grain rain is the last solar term in spring. At this time, the weather is warmer and the rainfall increases, which is a good time for all things to grow.

Ancient books record that spring is the season when the liver is strong and the spleen is weak. After the season, the spleen and stomach are strong, which is suitable for tonic.

Grain Rain A Bowl of Healthy Soup


Gu Yu diet should eat less sour food and more sweet food.

At the same time, it is advisable to eat more foods that strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, such as yam, red bean, coix seed, lentils, crucian carp, etc.

“Guyu Health Soup” was created by Wu Jutong, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty.

Take 500ml of this soup from 9 to 11 am to enhance yang; Taking 500ml of this soup at 7 o’clock can nourish yin and promote body fluid.

The specific method is:Half a pear, 5 water chestnuts, 30g lotus root (or 50g of sugar cane), 15g of Ophiopogon japonicus, 15g of fresh reed root, together with 1000ml of boiling water, you can add rock sugar to taste.

Grain Rain Two Motions

After the Grain Rain solar term, the air humidity gradually increases, so it is necessary to prevent “dampness” from invading and hurting the body. Pay attention to open windows for ventilation and sun exposure.

Health care is based on the principle of “lazy body, don’t sweat profusely”. Excessive sweating can easily affect the health of qi and blood in summer.

1Nose rubbing with cold water

Flying catkins before and after Grain Rain More, wash the nose with cold water and rub the nose in the morning and evening to help relieve allergies.

2Pressing and rubbing dampness points

Grain rain season When the humidity is high, rubbing Yinlingquan acupoint located on the inner side of the calf and the inner depression of the tibia under the knee can strengthen the spleen and remove dampness.

Grainy Three Fresh Liver and Spleen span>

After entering the Grain Rain season, the spleen and stomach are strong, and supplementing at this time often has a multiplier effect. What to eat during the Grain Rain solar term?

1Toona sinensis

Grain food toon, also known as “Eat spring”, at this time, the mellow and refreshing Toona sinensis has high nutritional value, and is known as “green vegetables on the tree”.

However, due to the high nitrate content in fresh toon, it is recommended to blanch in boiling water before eating.

2Urish rice

Urban rice is made with nan Candle leaves are mashed into juice, soaked in glutinous rice, taken out and steamed in a wooden retort.

The glutinous rice is sweet and warm and enters the spleen meridian, which can nourish the middle and benefit the qi; while the Candelilla folic acid is calmed into the liver and kidney meridians, which can nourish the liver and kidney, so eating black rice has the effect of nourishing the spleen and kidney.


As the saying goes: “Qingming to , mulberry leaves are green; in Grain Rain, mulberries are purple.”

Mulberry was originally a fruit that farmers used to feed their stomachs, especially during the Grain Rain season. Efficacy, but it is not recommended for people with high blood sugar.

Selenium in mulberries is the most important “liver protection factor”. Eating dried mulberries before drinking can effectively protect the stomach and liver from the damage of alcohol and prevent alcoholism.

The active enzymes contained in dried mulberries are the best substances for hangover. Since ancient times, humans have not been able to synthesize them artificially, so they are extremely rare.

The method of cleaning mulberries is actually very simple, put a little white flour into the basin, stir the mulberries clockwise, and then rinse with running water That’s it.

Eight glasses of fairy water a day

After the Grain Rain, the temperature rises faster, and the body water is easily lost through exercise, sweating, breathing and other forms.

Once the body’s water supply is insufficient, it is especially easy to be “targeted” by some diseases.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to clearing the accumulated heat in the body in time, and hydrating reasonably to prevent “spring dryness”.

The first choice for hydration is boiled water.

Especially in the morning, you can drink a glass of about 200 ml of boiled water to “clean” the empty stomach;

Drink a glass of 50-100 ml of boiled water before going to bed at night to protect blood vessels.

In addition to drinking water in the morning and evening, you should also pay attention to hydration between studies and work throughout the day.

In general, a moderate-weight, lightly physically active adult should drink 1500-1700 ml of water per day.

A final reminder: the cup here refers to a “paper cup”, if your own cup is very large, then The number of cups needs to be recalculated according to the volume of the cup.

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