Snacks jumped into the eyes, the mother rinsed with water, the doctor reprimanded

Let’s talk about the first mom:

Daughter ran back and forth while eating the energy bar and accidentally hit the door , the energy bar just hit the eyeball, and the child cried ​​shatteringly. After sobbing and explaining the reason, the careless mother rinsed the child with water.

The child was in pain and couldn’t open his eyes. To prevent his mother from scratching his eyes, Bao’s mother planned to go to the doctor for a look. The result surprised Bao’s mother. , When the energy bar touched the child’s eyes, it cut the membrane of the black eyeballs in the child’s eyes!

The doctor asked, have you done any treatment before?

My friend said that he thought something got into his eyes and washed it with water.

As a result, the doctor was very angry and said: This cannot be washed with water, and the membrane of the black eyeball is easily inflamed when it is cut! It was no big deal at first, but after washing my eyes with water, I was afraid that the eyes would become inflamed!

If you don’t know what is wrong with your child’s eyes, you can deal with it in your own way, which will easily cause your child’s eyes to suffer secondary damage!

There is another mother:

When eating hot pot, a child was very excited waiting at the table Get hot pot. As a result, when a friend was putting the beef balls, the soup splashed out and just splashed into the eyes of the children next to them. The children cried in an instant and kept shouting: Mom, my eyes hurt!

The mother first grabbed the child’s hands so that the child could not rub his eyes. Then I asked other people if they brought eye drops. A group of adults hurriedly looked for eye drops. Fortunately, a colleague brought eye drops.

This mother used eye drops to rinse the child’s eyes. The child closed his eyes for a while, and asked the mother to give him another eye drop, and it would be fine after a while . ​

​The eyes are fragile and easily injured. When the child feels that there is a foreign body in the eye and the mother is not sure what the situation is, she must not operate indiscriminately, it can be done urgently Treatment:

1. Don’t let the child rub the eyes

If there is a foreign body in the eye, mother Be sure to stop your child from rubbing his eyes. If a child rubs his eyes, the foreign object may scratch the eyeball and make the child’s condition worse.

If the eyeball is scratched, do not rub the eye, it will not only aggravate the injury, but also may infect the bacteria on the hand.

2. Rinse with eye drops

Do not rinse with water indiscriminately, you can use the commonly used household products to relieve eye fatigue Rinse your child with eye drops to prevent eye infections and other symptoms.

But if it enters strong alkali, strong acid, lime and other substances, you should use a cotton swab to remove the substance, and rinse it with clean water for at least 15 minutes. minutes, and then seek medical attention in time.