Skull-linked twins have been successfully separated! For this moment, doctors have been practicing with VR headsets for months…

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2019 , in the Brazilian state of Roraima, a pregnant woman gave birth with difficulty. The doctor told her that she was carrying twins, a news that made her and her husband happy for a long time. But when the fetuses both landed, everyone was dumbfounded…Why are their heads connected? ! Conjoined twins are not uncommon. This happens in identical twins. When the fertilized egg splits, due to various reasons, the split is not uniform enough, resulting in the lack of complete independence between the two embryos. In the news, we often see twins connected to the stomach and chest, and the twins in Roraima, which are head-to-head, are particularly rare , a particularly serious one. According to the National Institutes of Health, twins connected head-on Only 1 in 2.5 million live births, and only 30 percent of twins survive the first month of life. The poor couple, whose heads are connected, are named Bernardo Lima and Arthur Lima. Their parents were about to shed tears, but they didn’t give up. They looked everywhere for medicine, and in 2020, they came to the Paul Niemeyer National Brain Institute in Rio, where they started treatment under the leadership of Paediatric Director Gabriel Mufarrej. The good news is that the doctors found that Bernardo Jr. and Arthur Jr. did not share brain tissue. The trouble is,there is an important vein connecting the two brains, if it is cut off rashly, Children are likely to die. They hesitated for more than two years and didn’t know how to start. During this period, the children were cared for carefully and their bodies were fairly healthy, but their heads were more closely connected. Can’t continue to procrastinate. At the beginning of this year, Dr. Mufareji asked the international medical community for help, and he finally contacted the top figure in the field, British doctor Noor Jeelani (Noor Jeelani). Gilani is a neurosurgeon at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. The newspaper named the top 100 surgeons and paediatricians in the UK. Four of his most famous surgeries involved cranial twins. The first was in 2011, when he separated his 11-month-old Sudanese baby girl. The baby girls share important arteries and cranial nerves, with the younger sister supplying blood to half of the older sister’s brain, which then returns to her own heart .Any surgery-induced drop in blood pressure can cause severe cranial nerve damage. Post-operative health was good. Gilani created a medical miracle in one fell swoop, and in the following years, he and his team perfected the surgical method and made it available to medical scholars around the world to learn from.The second scene was in 2018. The parents of a pair of conjoined baby girls in Pakistan asked Gilani for help. The two girls also had skulls and blood vessels connected, and Gilani used 3D printing The technology replicated the girls’ skulls and practiced surgery on the models.During the hands-on surgery, a girl suffered a stroke, but luckily it was not. In the end, Gilani used their bones to create new skulls , the separation was completed, and the mother and grandfather carried them back beautifully.After that, Gilani established a non-profit organization, Gemini Untwined, dedicated to helping the global conjoined group. The twins have surgery and fundraising. In 2020, they meet a pair of Turkish boys in need. The two boys are less than two years old and have a lively and cute personality, but because their heads are connected, they can only play on the ground all day. Early in pregnancy, parents know that they are not normal, but they are reluctant to have a miscarriage because it is a gift from God. With the help of the Turkish President’s wife, they found Gemini Untwined and Gilani, who performed three operations on them. In less than two months, the separation was complete. The fourth operation was for an Israeli baby girl last year. In order to facilitate the patients and their families, Gilani took the team to Israel for surgery. After the 12-hour operation, the 12-month-old twin girls were separated. When Gilani received help from Brazil, he quickly agreed to operate on them. The situation of little Bernardo and little Arthur was complicated, and Gilani designed a whole set of marathon surgical procedures. He first directed doctors at the Brazilian Brain Institute to perform 6 minor operations in preparation for the final separation operation. Next, he trained Brazilian doctors to work with his British team. The operation is expected to require 100 medical staff, and the combination of both sides is enough. But the doctors were so far apart and so busy with each other, it was very difficult to get together to practice. As a result, Gilani once again thought of using high-tech, that is, VR technology. He scanned the twins’ brains into a computer, then put everyone on a VR headset and entered a “virtual operating room” he created. In this “operating room”, there are twin brain models, scalpels, anesthetics and other tools. span>It has all the details and looks very realistic. Gilani directs doctors from both countries to collaborate on virtual surgeries, which are exercises for real surgeries. “It’s great to operate on a model before you put the kids at risk,” Gilani told the outlet. “As you can imagine, we surgeons feel a lot more at ease.” Of course, virtual surgery is difficult, too. . “In a way, these operations are arguably the most difficult of our time. To perform such difficult operations in virtual reality is like landing humans on Mars.”After practicing for a few months, the doctors of the two countries reached a tacit understanding, and the actual operation can begin. In the previous minor surgery, a large number of blood vessels had been separated, and a plastic sheet was inserted into the middle of the boy’s brain to separate the inside of their brain. A portion of both brains were bulged out against the tissue expander to get more scalp and cover the skull after surgery. Everything is ready. A few days ago, everyone arrived in Brazil. Push into the operating room. Gilani and Mufareji cheered everyone up and took the brain model for the final analysis. the boys cut their scalps and turn on the lights skulls, carefully reorganizing their blood vessels, nerves and soft tissues. The operation lasted 27 hours, and nearly 100 medical staff worked during the whole process.Finally, little Bernardo and little Arthur separated successfully! Gilani was tired, he said he only rested 4 times, every 15 minutes Come to drink and eat and feel like my body is about to collapse. But the payoff was worth it, and after the successful separation, the child’s family was ecstatic and excitedhug and cry. The medical staff also hugged and celebrated the victory of the operation. Girani was worried about the operation because there was an operation before They separated, but were unsuccessful, leaving the boys with scar tissue in their brains that made the operation more dangerous. Fortunately, there were no accidents during the operation, but after the operation, the boys were horrified by dangerously high blood pressure and high heart rate. It was touching that when the boys lay back together, holding each other’s hands, the data returned to normal. Now, the twins are recovering well in the hospital, and they will have a 6-month rehabilitation treat. Although it was unfortunate at birth, the people around me gave a lot of love and help, I hope the children can grow up healthy and happy…ref: html< /span>


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