Six essential tea sets on the tea table

For tea lovers who are just getting started, in addition to getting tea, they also need to configure some tea sets. However, a set of formal Gongfu tea sets has too many utensils and many kinds, and it is impossible to choose.

Generally speaking, for tea lovers, only a few main tea utensils are required.


Many teas need to be brewed with boiling water with a higher temperature. Controlling the temperature is the basis for ensuring the taste of the tea soup.

In ancient times, air stoves or charcoal stoves were commonly used. Nowadays, electromagnetic water boilers are more commonly used for convenience. Stainless steel pots, clay pots, high-temperature glass pots, etc., are easy to operate, convenient and safe.

If you like a charcoal stove, remember to open the windows when boiling water indoors to keep the room ventilated.

Purple Clay Pot

As the protagonist of the tea table, there are many types of teapots. Common ones include purple clay pots, porcelain pots, and glass pots.

Purple clay pots can perfectly retain the color and aroma of tea, and are mostly used to brew oolong tea or Pu’er tea. Keeping the pot is also a great pleasure; it is suitable for all types of tea in porcelain pots , convenient for daily use; glass pot can enjoy tea soup, you can choose according to your needs.


Gaiwan is also called Sancai Cup. The tea cover is on the top, it is called “heaven”; the tea holder is on the bottom, it is called “earth”; the bowl is in the middle, it is called “people”.

Gaiwan has both functions as a teacup and a teapot. You can drink tea directly in the gaiwan, or you can brew tea in the gaiwan and then divide it into a tea cup. Many people drink it. When choosing a gaiwan, you should pay attention to the type of gaiwan cup and choose the capacity and size that suits you.

Tea Cup

A tea cup is a small cup for drinking tea. The texture is porcelain, pottery, purple sand, glass and so on. When choosing a tea cup, its style and texture should echo that of the teapot. The tea cup will be used in different ways according to the owner’s mood, purpose, preferences, etc., with the owner’s breath, more unique style and charm.

Justice Cup

Justice cups, tea cups and teapots are the three main protagonists of Kung Fu tea. The justice cups are made of porcelain, purple sand and glass. Among them, the fair cups made of porcelain and glass are the most commonly used. The justice cup should match the teapot and teacup. Generally speaking, the justice cup should be slightly larger than the teapot and gaiwan.

because in the teapot The brewed tea is directly divided into cups. The upper and lower strengths are different or there may be tea residues. Pour the tea soup into the fair cup to ensure that the concentration of the tea soup in each tea cup is basically the same, and each guest can taste the same taste of tea. .

Tea Tray

A tea tray is a shallow-bottomed vessel for placing teapots, cups, tea ceremony sets, tea pets, and tea food. One is to regulate the tea set. The other is to take over some tea soup and tea leaves.< /p>

< p data-track="46">The tea tray is mainly made of bamboo and wood, but there are also other materials such as metal, stone, jade, etc. No matter what type of tea tray, you only need to pay attention to three points when choosing: wide and flat , shallow is not wrong. The plate is wide, the number of guests is large, you can put more cups; the bottom of the plate is flat, which can make the tea cup stable and not easy to shake; the side should be shallow, which can set off the tea cup and teapot, making the whole more beautiful.

In general, dry brewing method can use a dry brewing table, while wet brewing will use a tea tray (wet brewing method, that is, the tea set can be cleaned at will on the tea table (and washing tea, and dumping the discarded water directly on the tea table), most of the tea ceremony performances use tea trays.

Drinking tea is not only drinking , which can make people feel happy, as well as the atmosphere and peace of mind brought by tea. Don’t stick to one pattern, no matter what, just be happy.

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