Singapore’s low-key luxury “football stadium” 1 billion double-storey courtyard

——There is a priceless thousand-year-old Demblin in the front, and there are several 150W centenary pine gardens in the back, which is like a top I luxury museum.

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A double-storey courtyard house that is almost half hidden in the Millennium Denbu woods

Low-key but It is hard to hide its top I luxury mansion

Located near Dempsey Hill, the double-storey courtyard with an area of ​​2550 square meters, follows the building coverage rate With no more than 40% of the floor area, the mansion occupies an area as large as a football field.

The century-old house was repaired and renovated, and the cost alone cost 330 million. Now the market value is estimated to be more than 1 billion.

There is heaven and earth outside, heaven and earth inside

In front of the priceless national millennium Debu Forest, there are several 150W centenarian pine trees in the garden behind, the top I mansion of low-key luxury in Singapore. Heaven and earth, there is heaven and earth in it.

01 Beginners

The first floor of the new building is set as a parking lot, which can accommodate more than five luxury cars, and a new lane is specially built to connect PARKING LOT. The space-constrained lanes are straight and steep, but allow for maneuvers that don’t require reversing or three-point U-turns. Entering the road to the top I mansion, you can’t do it without a little bit of driving skills.

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On both sides of the driveway, there is a low wall on one side, and the green plants are also used for privacy. On one side is a double-layered curtain wall, the outer layer of automatic rotating copper panels blocks the sun, and the inner layer of sliding glass panels ensures natural ventilation. The wealthy life is hazy and clear, mysterious and full of imagination.

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< span>The front door has a unique style of pure copper door frame. In addition to its domineering style, it also contains traces of time. The oxidized salmon color gradually turns into a deep purple. The wealthy family really gets more charm as time goes by.

02 There is a world within

< p>foyer | “This pig made us rich, we made it proud. ”

The copper-colored splendor of the foyer wall highlights the important family status of the founder pig of Sheng Siong Group. One pig achieves the top I level A wealthy family, never forgetting its original intention, occupy a place in the luxury house in the form of priceless works of art.

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Living Room|Over 1,000 Crystal Sheets Chandeliers

Located in the living room on the central axis, the crystal chandeliers shaped like floating clouds are composed of more than 1011 pieces. The crystal is carefully cut and customized. With special programs, different patterns and colors can be adjusted according to the mood. Ordinary people’s lamps are lamps, and the chandeliers of wealthy homes are just pleasant settings.

Elevator|The house is too big and easy to get lost

There are beautifully carved spiral staircases, There is also a transparent glass circular elevator that leads to each floor, including the basement and the attic. The mansion is too big and it is easy to get lost, so take the elevator.

Restaurant|Italy Viabizzuno Custom Chandelier

Italian top I lighting brand Viabizzuno custom-designed chandeliers, imported unique textured marble slabs from Italy, and silk carpets, adding a solemn and noble feeling to dining. Ordinary people eat is to eat, and the rich family is called dining, one of the family activities with a sense of ritual.

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Courtyard|Compared to a suite of ordinary people

There are two open-air courtyards in the house, one with green view and one with water view. “Back Garden” Around the courtyard, there are many precious imported pine trees worth millions. That is a courtyard, it is simply a botanical garden of precious and exotic trees.

Green View Courtyard

Water View Courtyard

Water View Courtyard, indoor lantern staircase, arranged in neat order with 139 brass strips, copper strips The soft and warm light is set in between, standing as a sculptural masterpiece at night. Other people’s stairs are stairs, here they are a work of art.

” The garden is surrounded by many rare and exotic trees, including 9 imported pine trees worth more than one million yuan, and a rare 300-year-old pine tree worth nearly 1.5 million yuan. Not just a few green plants can be called the back garden. The back garden of the top I mansion is comparable to the exotic tree and tree botanical garden.

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Swimming Pool|30m Infinity Pool

The swimming pool extends from indoor to outdoor, 30 meters long, and it takes six days to fill up with water.

Including Jacuzzi, open-air shower room and outdoor furniture, you can enjoy the exotic flowers and trees in the back garden while swimming and relaxing.

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Fitness and entertainment|Anytime, anywhere

Private Cinema|What to Watch What to see

Karaoke Room| Sing as you like

Private wine cellar|Drink whatever you like< /span>

03 has its own place

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Study | Nearly one million limited edition chandeliers

The study of the owner, Mr. Lin, Among them, the limited edition PHArtichoke pine cone lamp, worth nearly one million, is wrapped in layers of copper-colored leaves, and each leaf is shining with the light of gold.

Cloakroom|Comparable to a boutique

Mrs. Lin’s cloakroom displays a variety of top I brands of clothing and accessories. Viabizzuno has custom-made 76 glass shelving panels that can be moved at will; the floor is covered with a special silk carpet, the island cabinet is a collection of fashion accessories and watches, and the L-shaped upholstered seat makes the luxurious style unmistakable. That is an ordinary cloakroom, it is comparable to a top I luxury boutique.

Bathroom|A toilet 200,000

Luxury and eye-catching gray marble is used as the floor, and the four imported characteristic marble slab walls behind the bathtub form a heart-shaped background, just like a rare marble exhibition hall. The sunroof is equipped with an automatic top cover that can be opened and closed at any time, and the bathing has the feeling of being in the cloud.

Japan imported advanced sanitary ware, worth nearly 200,000 multifunctional toilets. Ordinary people sigh with emotion, they can’t even afford a toilet after working hard for a year.

04 Modern Courtyard|Top I Brand Museum

From public area to personal space, From lamps to furniture to various accessories, the top I modern courtyard house is like a top I home brand museum, carefully displaying customized and limited edition boutiques. I class I mansion can experience the top boutiques of almost the world’s top I home furnishing brands in one day.

Top I lighting brands such as LouisPoulsen, FLOS, Vibia, Viabizzuno, Erco, Moooi, etc.;

TopI furniture brands such as Maxalto, B&BItalia, Vitra, Poliform, Arflex, Kartell, Giorgetti, Flexform, Classicon, Acerbis, Cassina, LivingDivani, Cappellini, Casamilano, Woodnotes, Token, Knoll , Expormim, HermanMiller, AndreuWorld, Magis, Miniform, Montis, Vondom, Dedon, Hay, Overgaard & Dyman, etc.

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The walls and floors are made of imported natural marble, with beautiful natural color and exquisite splicing technology. It’s like being in a marble museum.

05 Epilogue | “A Maverick Pig”

Singapore The top I rich man, Mr. Lin, even if he owns a top I mansion that is comparable to a football field – a modern double-storey courtyard with an estimated market value of 1 billion, he started from scratch from a pig Start to create wealth, success begins with “maverick”, and behind the maverick is more persistence, remembering the original intention.

“I personally believe that the secret to my success was the hardships I went through during my childhood and youth. Back then, I was often working up to 16 hours a day. Take one step at a time, resolutely move towards your dream, and slowly reach the top.”

Project Information

Project Name: HiddenHouse

Project Type: Residential Restoration and Addition

Project Location: Near Dempsey Hill, Singapore

Interior & Architecture Design Unit: TA.LE Architects

Team Member: TAYYANLING Zheng Yanling (Chief Architect Division), LionelLeow

Area: 3130 square meters

Total floor area of ​​the original building: 220.77 square meters< /span>

GFA of new building: 2329.33 square meters

Main materials: brick, tile, brass, teak, marble

Company Introduction

TA.LEARCHITECTS: Singapore-based architectural firm provides complete design Solutions that integrate architecture, interior and furniture design. The concept is to use the needs of customers as design inspiration, combine rigorous thinking mode, emotional intuition and consideration of social and environmental factors to create a design that integrates rationality, sensibility and environmental awareness.