Since April 15, a total of more than 37 million nucleic acid screenings have been completed, providing support for early detection of positive infections, blocking the spread of the virus, and timely treatment.

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At the press conference on the city’s epidemic prevention and control work held this morning (April 19), Wu Qing, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive vice mayor, informed that< /span>Recent nucleic acid screening in this city.

Since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, under the guidance of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Organized and implemented multiple rounds of nucleic acid screening. In order to do a good job in nucleic acid screening, we have drawn forces from several departments across the city to set up a screening class and a data class to organize the implementation of the screening work.

Nucleic acid screening is the rapid detection of viral infections so that they can be isolated and effectively cut off One of the most important means of transmission and prevention of the spread of the epidemic is to implement the key measures of “early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment”. With the understanding, support and cooperation of the general public,Since April 15, more than 37 million nucleic acid screenings have been completed. Starting today, the city will carry out nucleic acid screening in the sealed and controlled areas for three consecutive days, and will also carry out nucleic acid screening in the controlled areas on the 20th. During the organization and implementation process, firston the basis of scientific flow adjustment and strict control measures, according to The periodic screening results are divided into three areas of “sealing control, control and prevention”, and the combined screening strategy of “antigen + nucleic acid” has been adopted to improve the efficiency and quality of screening, and also to detect positive infections as soon as possible. , blocking the spread of the virus and providing support for timely treatment.

Secondly,We do our best Do a good job in resource allocation, utilization and scheduling for large-scale screening, In the field organization, requires each street, town and community to set up sampling reasonably At the point, do a good job of organizing and mobilizing residents, “do not call, do not call, and then move again”, “go to the door when it is time to go, go downstairs when it is time to go downstairs”, and organize by door opening, time period, and batch. At the same time, guide residents to strictly abide by the “2-meter line”, wear masks, and not communicate to avoid cross-infection. In terms of sampling power, we require each district to conduct grid screening to find out the actual population in the screening area, and reasonably allocate sampling medical staff. Taking April 16 as an example, the city has invested nearly 25,000 sampling medical staff, including more than 12,000 supporting medical staff from sister provinces and cities such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. Sampling medical staff work together to allow us to complete the set sampling tasks on time and in quantity. In terms of detection capabilities, on the one hand, we tap our own potential and rapidly build a nucleic acid detection gas membrane laboratory, mobile nucleic acid detection vehicles, etc. Nucleic acid detection capabilities have been effectively enhanced; on the other hand, with the coordination and help of the State Council working group, the detection capabilities have been effectively increased through the aid of other provinces and cities in the city’s construction and the delivery of samples to sister cities. Currently, the city’s daily maximum detection capacity is nearly 5 million tubes. In addition, we have deployed more than 2,000 sample transfer vehicles to speed up sample transfer. At the same time, we continue to improve the information system of nucleic acid screening, give full play to the functions of data mining and analysis, and realize the overall allocation and real-time scheduling of screening resources.

Third,every After a round of screening, we will also strengthen the analysis and judgment of the results. On the one hand, we will timely summarize and analyze the problems and shortcomings found in the screening implementation. In the early stage, due to the complexity of the epidemic situation, the adjustment of nucleic acid screening arrangements has caused inconvenience to everyone. I would like to apologize. We will continue to improve our work and report the screening plan in advance to further improve the quality of screening. and efficiency; on the other hand, it provides data support for formulating the next round of epidemic prevention and control strategies. After the results of each round of nucleic acid testing are released, we will organize experts to analyze the data in a timely manner, so as to scientifically delineate the scope of regional nucleic acid testing and continuously improve epidemic prevention and control strategies. We sincerely hope that the general public will continue to understand and cooperate with the next step of nucleic acid screening work, so as to lay the foundation for realizing the dynamic clearing of social aspects as soon as possible and restoring normal production and living order as soon as possible.

Data: Released in Shanghai

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