Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism: Please avoid risk areas and plan your itinerary reasonably

Sichuan Online reporter Yang Yimao

According to the warning of the Sichuan Provincial Geological Disaster Headquarters Office, July 26, 20 From 20:00 on July 27th, in the northwestern part of Mianyang and Yibin 2 cities, and the eastern part of Leshan, the risk of geological disasters is high (yellow warning), and it is necessary to strengthen the prevention of geological disaster risks.

On the evening of July 26, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued a risk warning to the whole province, requiring the cultural and tourism departments at all levels to supervise the Linshan related areas under their jurisdiction. Cultural and tourism business units such as water-class A-level tourist attractions, star-rated tourist hotels, travel agencies, etc. earnestly perform their main responsibilities, strengthen on-duty duty, strengthen hidden danger investigation, resolutely implement the “three avoidance” and “three emergency evacuation” requirements, and do a good job in prevention and response. .

Please pay close attention to the weather forecast, avoid risk areas, plan your itinerary reasonably, and do not travel to areas at risk of land disasters and unopened areas , exploration, hiking, camping, prevent landslides, rockfalls, mudslides, flash floods and other natural disasters. Do not participate in wading projects in waters of unknown depth, unknown water conditions or dangerous waters, and be cautious in participating in diving, rafting and other recreational projects to ensure the safety of summer travel.

[Source: Sichuan Online]

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