Sichuan Dialect|Feng Jijun: It is said that two taels of cotton are spun and one is spun

Text/Feng Jijun

Two liang cotton spinning (interview) and one spinning (interview) was a phrase that rural people often talked about in the past. It means that you go to investigate, investigate, and inquire.

Wang Erwa is not too young, and finding a partner has become a problem for the old man.

Mom, the old man, asked people to help Wang Erwa find a partner. Speaking of Wang Erwa, I can’t really pick out any faults just from the appearance, so I shouldn’t worry about finding a partner. The matchmaker took Wang Erwa to go on a blind date. The woman saw that Wang Erwa was beautiful and dressed like Zhou Wuzheng. The first impression was not bad, and she was secretly happy, so she took the initiative to talk to Wang Erwa. After learning about some personal and family situations, the woman asked Wang Erwa, what do you plan to do to support the family after marriage? Wang Erwa said boldly to the woman, “You call Erliang cotton spinning (interview) and one spinning (interview), and go to our Tata Shili Ba Village to ask, as long as you talk about my Wang Erwa, there is nothing you don’t know.” The two of you are talking to me, and the more you talk, the closer you are, and before you know it, the time is almost up, and the two have agreed on the time and place to meet next time.

After returning home, Wang Erwa told her mother about the blind date one by one, and the whole family was delighted that their son’s marriage finally had a look. After the woman returned home, she became more attentive. Today, this person seems to be a talented person, can speak well, and is not too young. Why haven’t you found a wife yet? Marriage matters should not be trifled with, he said that he told me to call me two liang cotton spinning (interview) and one spinning (interview), why don’t I ask someone to inquire about it? Later, when the woman asked a distant relative to inquire, the distant relative told her that Wang Erwa was indeed famous in the local area, but she was just a slob who was famous for talking big and making small money, eating delicious food and doing lazy cooking.

At this point, it is self-evident that Wang Erwa’s marriage has become a duckweed in the sea again – nowhere.

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