Shenpi fatigue, sore back and cold legs, lack of kidney yang? TCM shares a recipe to help you warm up kidney yang

Do you often feel cold in your hands and feet? No matter how thick you wear it, cold wind will pierce your body, and you may also experience fatigue, soreness in your waist and knees, increased nocturia, and a fat tongue. , there are tooth marks. In fact, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, these symptoms are all manifestations of kidney yang deficiency.

The kidneys are the foundation of the human body’s Yuan Yang and the core of Yang Qi. Yang Qi can not only warm our limbs, but also maintain the normal metabolism and circulation in our body, so , To a certain extent, kidney yang represents yang qi.

If the kidney yang is insufficient, the warming and promoting ability of the yang qi will be weakened, then, it will be unable to resist the invasion of the external cold qi, so it will be more afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, frequent urination Urinary urgency, mental fatigue and other symptoms.

Then, of course, the treatment for deficiency of kidney yang is to replenish the essence and blood and warm up yang qi.

Here is a commonly used formula – Yougui Pill, after using it, you will no longer have cold hands and feet, and be afraid of cold .

Composition: cinnamon, wolfberry, yam, dodder, antler gum, aconite, angelica, dogwood, eucommia , Rehmannia

Among them, aconite, cinnamon and antler gum have the effect of nourishing fire and helping yang, warming the middle and dispelling cold; Rehmannia glutinosa , Chinese yam, and dogwood have the effect of nourishing yin and replenishing fluids to help the transformation of yang qi; Eucommia, dodder, and wolfberry have the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney, and strengthening the bones and muscles; Angelica has the effect of nourishing and blood.

The combination of all prescriptions has the functions of warming and invigorating the kidney-yang, filling the essence and invigorating the blood. The effect is very good for symptoms such as chills, cold hands and feet, frequent urination and urgency.

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