Sharing my experience of raising a baby: Please remember two points when raising a child

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Maybe people who bring children have a common experience: it is very tiring to bring children!

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Yes, I admit that sometimes it is really tiring to have children, but when we see children, under our own hands, grow up and become one day after the other. Do you feel happy when you are sensible every day? !

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My answer is: Tired and happy!

The year we retired coincided with the birth of our grandson. I don’t know if it was the son’s expectation or just a coincidence?

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Because of the work of our son and daughter-in-law, it is our duty to take care of the baby. However, in the blink of an eye, my grandson is already seven years old, and he will go to primary school in the second half of the year. The grandson is healthy, sunny, intelligent, and talkative. He is a good seedling!

In my many years of raising children, I have come to two points for your reference: one is to eat nutrition; the other is to play with self-cultivation.

Let’s talk about food first. After weaning our grandson (our grandson is weaned at 15 months), the nutrition is the most important. How to make the child adapt to the life after weaning? Our approach is to eat some formula milk powder appropriately, and slowly turn to eating staple foods such as rice and pasta, while keeping up with nutrition. In the case of a variety of recipes, we let children eat more prawns, because prawns are suitable for people of any constitution. The second is to eat more fresh eggs, eggs are the best high-quality protein.

Talk about it , Play is the most accessible. When our grandson was three months old, we took him to the park and to the stream for a walk. Once we were tired from hugging and sat down on a stool in the park. It was not good. We cried as soon as we sat down. We thought that our grandson was not feeling well before crying. So when he stood up, he stopped crying; when we sat down, he cried again, and when he stood up, he stopped crying. An uncle next to him said: What is the difference between standing up and sitting up? Your grandson is so smart!

In addition to playing with him at home, we focus on getting him out of the house and into nature. So far, we have been to all the surrounding parks, the banks of the three rivers in Jinhua Wucheng, and even extended to Jinhua Shuanglong Cave (three times), the Qin Tan in Nanshan, the Huamu Market in Lipu Town, Jindong District, and many other places in Wucheng District, Jinhua City. Park and some tourist attractions outside.

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In short, have fun while playing, have fun while playing, gain insight while playing, and gain wisdom while playing! Let your child grow while playing!