Shanzhou travels far, the green mountains remain

This article is reprinted from: Guangming Daily

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“The green dream you planted back then has now become Scenic spots. When the mountain wind blows every leaf, the children sing and walk in the rolling pines. Your spirit, we will always praise, your dream, we will always inherit…” The green hills are still there, Shanzhou is far away Yes, people recite the story of the old secretary in Daliangshan, and cherish Yang Shanzhou’s voice and smile.

This is the scene at the end of the musical poetry drama “Qingshan Fenggu”. In order to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Yang Shanzhou, the musical poem “Character of the Green Mountain” jointly produced by the China Coal Mine Art Troupe and the Propaganda Department of the Baoshan Municipal Party Committee of Yunnan premiered in Kunming, Yunnan on the evening of August 2.

As a key creative project of the China Coal Mine Art Troupe in 2021, the musical poetry drama “Qingshan Style” has formed an excellent planning and creative team and a strong performance lineup, with Jia Yulan as the artistic director and starring 42 years ago. Guo Kaimin of “Love on Mount Lu” serves as the director. A team of performers composed of artists with high recitation attainments and theatrical performance level, such as Guo Kaimin, Xu Tao, He Yin, etc., ensured the success of the play.

Yang Shanzhou used to be the secretary of Baoshan Municipal Party Committee. After retiring in 1988, he voluntarily gave up the superior life in the city and took root in Daliangshan for more than 20 years. . In April 2009, he handed over the operation and management rights of the Daliangshan Forest Farm with a value of more than 300 million yuan to the state for free. Yang Shanzhou is a role model for party members and cadres, and he is also one of the major advanced models in the country that have emerged in Yunling in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. He has successively won the “National Top Ten Models for Greening”, “National Greening Medal”, “National Advanced Individuals for the Elderly”, “National Outstanding Communist Party Member”, “National Moral Model”, “Top Ten People Who Moved China”, “The Most Beautiful Struggle”, “Reform Pioneer”, etc. honor.

“Qingshan Style” brings Yang Shanzhou’s advanced deeds to the stage. Through the form of stage art, it gives full play to the artistic characteristics of musical poetry, and uses visual and auditory effects to create a profound thought, exquisite art, and excellent production. , The stage art works in line with the development level of literature and art in the new era, vividly interprets Comrade Yang Shanzhou’s 60-year practice of his original mission and adherence to his ideals and beliefs.

“The green mountains, the lush Daliangshan; the character, the brilliance of the old secretary Yang Shanzhou’s life will be with the sun and the moon, with the people!” Guo Kaimin said.