Shanxi Cultural Tourism Four Seasons Flagship Hall Officially Launched

The scenery is beautiful all year round, and Shanxi enjoys the good scenery. On July 19, Shanxi Cultural Tourism Four Seasons Flagship Hall was officially launched on Tongcheng Travel Platform. The platform displays the cultural tourism brand image in a panoramic manner, and displays Shanxi’s natural beauty, history and culture, four seasons customs, boutique routes and other cultural tourism resources in an all-dimensional manner.

The museum takes “Enjoying a Beautiful Journey” as its main target, and takes “Welcome Spring, Celebrate Summer, Know Autumn, and Enjoy Winter” as clues throughout the year. There are four distinctive seasonal themes: Mountains and Rivers, Spring Invitation, Jin Xiang Invitation, Mountains, Spirits, Waters, Jin Enjoying, Linguang Ancient Charm, Jin Shen Cai, and Dragon Dance Says New Years. Entering the museum, the home page unfolds slowly in the form of a “four seasons scroll”, immersingly showing the different natural and cultural landscapes of our province in different seasons, spring to Yanmenguan, summer to Wutai Mountain, autumn to Yungang Grottoes, winter solstice to Pingyao County, four seasons. The beautiful scenery changes alternately, showing the rich cultural tourism resources of Shanxi Guangbo.

The spring and summer themes of “Mountains, Rivers and Spring, Jin Xiang Invitation” and “Shan Lingshui, Jin Enjoy”, which are launched this time, integrate “impress Shanxi, meet Shanxi, play Shanxi, cultural tourism information, Featured functional sections such as “Selected List”, which cover a wealth of information on scenic spots, tourist routes, cultural tourism products, transportation, etc. in spring and summer, and have launched an ingenious Shanxi tourism strategy, so that the majority of tourists can stay at home Browse, inquire, and order related cultural and tourism products online, and experience butler-style, immersive, and one-stop travel services.

It is reported that the autumn and winter themes of “Lingguang Ancient Charm, Jin Shencai”, “Dragon Dance Saying New Year’s Eve, Jin Welcome New Year” will be officially launched in the museum in August, showing the autumn and winter of Shanxi Cultural Tourism for the majority of tourists. Yun Dongying.

Chief reporter Li Meixia

(Editors: Li Lin, Chu Jialin)

Source: Shanxi News Network