Shanghai to promote new crown vaccination with focus on the elderly

Shanghai has recently added centralized isolation points in various ways. On April 28, at the centralized isolation point of Sitang Basketball Park, Baoshan District, Shanghai, staff were waiting for the hoisting of isolation equipment. Photo courtesy/Visual China added centralized isolation points

On the 28th, a press conference on epidemic prevention and control was held in Shanghai. Zhao Dandan, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, introduced that as of now, the number of elderly people aged 60 and above in Shanghai has been A total of more than 3.6 million people have been vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine throughout the course, with a full-course vaccination rate of 62%, and more than 2.2 million people have been boosted immunization, with a booster vaccination rate of 38%.

Seniors over 60 years old

The vaccination rate of the whole course of the vaccine is 62%

On April 27, 1292 new local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia (including previous cases) were added in Shanghai. Asymptomatic infections turned into 858 confirmed cases) and 9,330 asymptomatic infections, 432 confirmed cases and 9,140 asymptomatic infections were found in isolation and control, and the rest were found in the investigation of relevant risk groups. There are no new confirmed cases of imported new coronary pneumonia and asymptomatic infections.

On April 27, 47 new local deaths were reported in Shanghai, with an average age of 84.7 years. 47 patients with various primary underlying diseases, including severe cardiac insufficiency, myocardial infarction, severe hypertension, sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, uremia, sigmoid colon cancer Late etc. One of the cases has been vaccinated against the new crown vaccine, and the rest have not received the new crown vaccine. The immediate cause of death is the underlying disease.

According to research and monitoring, the Omicron variant is very harmful to the elderly, especially the elderly who have not received the new crown vaccine and have chronic underlying diseases. The effect of severe illness and death is still very significant.

Zhao Dandan, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, introduced that Shanghai is still in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control, and all districts are actively coordinating epidemic prevention and control and new crown vaccination work to ensure that the epidemic risk is controllable. On the premise, focus on “elderly people” and actively promote the vaccination of new crowns.

According to reports, as of now, more than 3.6 million people aged 60 and above have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus in Shanghai, with an overall vaccination rate of 62%.

A total of 12,707 cases of positive infection of children under 6 years old have been reported

Zhao Dandan introduced that since the current round of the epidemic, Shanghai has reported a total of 12,707 cases of positive infection of children under 6 years old 12,707 cases, accounting for about 2.4% of the total number of infected people; a total of 7,480 cases were discharged from hospital and released from centralized medical observation. They are mainly admitted to designated hospitals such as the Municipal Public Health Clinical Center, and some asymptomatic children are also admitted to Fangcang shelter hospitals accompanied by guardians.

The medical staff are mainly from infectious diseases, respiratory and other related departments in the field of pediatrics, and they all have rich experience in clinical diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, relevant pediatric subspecialties are also set up in designated hospitals to more systematically and accurately respond to the treatment of basic diseases or acute and critical illnesses.

All designated hospitals actively carry out comprehensive treatment to promote the recovery of children. Expert groups from various hospitals and municipal expert groups conduct ward rounds online every day to timely study and judge the condition and prevent serious illnesses. Every day in the ward, a team of doctors with senior professional titles leads a team to round the ward, adhere to the treatment policy of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and adjust the treatment plan in time according to the condition. At the same time, do a good job in the daily medical care of children, carry out health education for accompanying parents, guide and assist parents to do a good job in children’s life care. In addition, according to the psychological characteristics of children, create a warm, pleasant and relaxing environment to help children recover as soon as possible.

Multiple measures to ensure prevention and control

“Health Verification All-in-One Machine” is on duty

A “Health Verification All-in-One Machine” recently opened in Juyuan New District, Jiading District, Shanghai On the job, the property management staff of the park introduced that in the past, it took at least half a minute for each person to manually check the personnel, but the “all-in-one machine” can be displayed within a few seconds after the personnel swipe their faces and ID cards or “sue application code”. The identity information, body temperature, the latest nucleic acid result and vaccine injection information of the passers-by can automatically determine whether they meet the pass standards, which improves the efficiency of prevention and control.

It is understood that at present, Shanghai Unicom has provided more than 1,000 sets of “health verification all-in-one machines” to more than 100 streets, enterprises and institutions, hospitals and schools in Shanghai.

At present, most citizens are still at home, and the “courier boy” plays an important role in opening up the supply guarantee and life service chain. Nearly 1,000 power exchange cabinets are built in the area where riders pass through and where material transfer is the most concentrated, providing charging services for the electric vehicles of the “courier boy”. A power exchange cabinet with 12 warehouses can support the electricity demand of 16 to 20 riders. Text/Reporter Zhang Yuemeng