Shanghai nucleic acid validity time calculation rules are adjusted, the validity time is longer and more reasonable

In the past, many people had great doubts about the validity of nucleic acid tests, because the test results were as short as 2 hours and as long as 10 hours or even longer. During this period, the last time The validity period of nucleic acid has just passed, and new nucleic acid results have not yet been released, which has caused a lot of trouble for travel and entry of many public places. Recently, in order to promote the mutual recognition of nucleic acid results across the country, and to play the role of nucleic acid testing more reasonably, Shanghai has adjusted the calculation rules for the validity period of nucleic acids, and the validity period of nucleic acid results is calculated from the time the results are issued, which greatly facilitates the lives of ordinary people.

Those who feel the most are those who come to the hospital, because now the hospital must have nucleic acid test results for a certain period of time. The above situation has become a more troublesome obstacle. According to the new calculation rules It is calculated that patients will have more time to prepare, and they can also avoid losing the opportunity to be hospitalized because the nucleic acid is expired or it is too late to do the nucleic acid. Especially patients from other places can have more time to come to Shanghai.

Under the background that the epidemic prevention policy is still strict, many detailed measures are being actively adjusted and improved. Generally speaking, as long as the epidemic can be prevented and controlled, travel and work will be reduced as much as possible. Trouble will be the big trend of the future.