Shanghai Anti-epidemic Interview | Liu Qingquan: Traditional Chinese Medicine plays an increasingly important role

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The Omicron variant is coming, Shanghai is facing the fight against the epidemic big exam. Under the coordination of the Shanghai Working Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Group of the State Council, all forces have been mobilized to participate in the overall fight against the epidemic. In the face of severe situations, persistence is victory. The Health News launched the “Anti-epidemic Interview Records” column, where the Shanghai interview team of the newspaper joined hands with experts from relevant media in all aspects of the epidemic to conduct interviews to jointly answer how to achieve “dynamic clearing” as soon as possible.

< span>At present, in the makeshift hospitals in Shanghai, the utilization rate of traditional Chinese medicine for infected people is close to 100%, and it has achieved “everything should be served”. A reporter from this newspaper and a reporter from People’s Daily jointly interviewed Liu Qingquan, a Chinese medicine expert from the Shanghai Working Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Group of the State Council and president of the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to Capital Medical University.


Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine What are the characteristics of anti-epidemic?

Liu Qingquan: The current round of the epidemic in Shanghai is different from other places. Most of the infected people are asymptomatic and mild, severe and Critical illnesses are relatively rare. The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai is mainly based on the latest National Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Trial Version 9). At present, whether it is the agreed prescriptions drawn up by several major TCM hospitals in Shanghai or the TCM treatment methods in other provinces, the basic principles are the same, and they all follow the TCM treatment principles of the ninth edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan. For example, some Fangcang shelter doctors teach infected people to do Tai Chi, and some Fangcang shelter doctors teach infected people to do Baduanjin. The methods are different, but the effect is to boost people’s righteousness and promote the recovery of infected people. In the past two years of anti-epidemic, Shanghai has developed traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation treatment methods with local characteristics, including drug treatment and non-drug treatment, which can improve the physique of the recovered and help them recover their physical strength, so that they can quickly integrate into social life. At present, many traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in Shanghai have launched new coronary pneumonia rehabilitation clinics, and those who have recovered can go to the clinics for consultation and conditioning. With the continuous improvement of diagnosis and treatment plans and the continuous promotion and use of diagnosis and treatment methods, traditional Chinese medicine will play an increasingly important role in epidemic prevention and control.


How does traditional Chinese medicine classify and treat infected people?

Liu Qingquan: From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the symptoms of Omicron mutants are wind, heat, damp and poisonous. feature. Among the infected people in the Fangcang shelter hospital are young and middle-aged people, as well as the elderly and children. For these groups, there are both general treatment prescriptions and diagnosis and treatment methods for different age groups. The elderly suffer from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other basic diseases, and the proportion of vaccination is low. Therefore, the integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment for this group not only focuses on the new coronary pneumonia, but also treats the underlying diseases. The biggest difficulty in treating infected children is that it is difficult for children to drink traditional Chinese medicine, which is one of the reasons why their nucleic acid test results are slow to turn negative. In order to solve the problem that traditional Chinese medicine is bitter and difficult for parents to feed the medicine, Shanghai Chinese medicine experts and pediatric experts have formulated a formula with the same origin of medicine and food, which is used as tea for children. In addition, non-drug treatment methods such as acupressure and massage have been introduced, which are taught by medical staff to parents, which is conducive to enhancing children’s immunity. For different types of infected people, traditional Chinese medicine adopts syndrome differentiation and treatment, stratified and classified treatment. For asymptomatic infections and mild cases, the main purpose of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is to promote the rapid conversion of nucleic acid test results to negative, prevent the development of the disease, and enable this group to be discharged quickly and return to normal life as soon as possible. For common cases, the main treatment methods are integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Western medicine plus traditional Chinese medicine treatment can prevent the further development of the disease. For severe cases, “one person, one person, one policy” is adopted. According to factors such as age and underlying diseases, traditional Chinese medicine adopts the methods and strategies of syndrome differentiation and treatment for each case. For severe cases, early treatment with traditional Chinese medicine can quickly block the disease, prevent the onset of underlying diseases, and prevent death.


How to further play the role of traditional Chinese medicine in the fight against the epidemic?

Liu Qingquan: Shanghai distributes traditional Chinese medicine to residents to enhance their immunity and prevent infection. At present, the residents of the closed community do not exercise much, they may be irritable, and their resistance will decline. The use of traditional Chinese medicine by residents can improve the righteousness, reduce the risk of contracting the virus, and reduce the occurrence of other diseases. There are a large number of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in Shanghai, the traditional Chinese medicine industry is developed, and there is no problem in drug supply. Drugs produced by local companies in Shanghai have sufficient output to ensure supply. In the next step, traditional Chinese medicine should focus on the treatment of special groups such as pregnant women, children, and the elderly, and make the treatment plan more precise. On the basis of the ninth edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan, it is necessary to provide experience and reference for the treatment of patients infected with the Omicron variant in other regions.

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