Shandong Province to carry out safety inspections by the end of 2022

According to the unified deployment of the State Council Safety Committee, the Shandong Provincial Government Safety Committee has decided to carry out safety inspections across the province from now until December 31, 2022.

Party committees, governments, departments and enterprises at all levels should comprehensively compare the fifteen hard measures taken by the Safety Committee of the State Council to further strengthen the implementation of safety production responsibilities and resolutely prevent and curb serious and serious accidents, and comprehensively compare the provincial party committees and provincial governments. “Eight catch 20” safety production innovation measures, comprehensively compare the three-year action goals and tasks of the special safety production rectification, immediately carry out self-examination and self-correction, sort out the implementation of the system and measures one by one, establish a problem ledger, strengthen problem rectification, and make up for shortfalls in a timely manner board, and self-examination and self-correction run through the whole process of the major inspection.

All enterprises should focus on strengthening diagnosis and inspection, select high-level safety production technical service institutions and experts, carry out comprehensive diagnosis of high-risk units such as major hazard sources, key installations and facilities, and key links in their own units, and focus on finding safety hazards. Promoting the realization of risk self-discrimination and self-control, hidden danger self-inspection and autonomy. All departments should focus on strengthening law enforcement inspections, investigating and punishing a number of serious illegal acts in accordance with the law, exposing a number of typical illegal cases, punishing a number of untrustworthy enterprises, closing a number of enterprises that do not meet the conditions for safe production, and increasing administrative penalties. Party committees and governments at all levels should focus on strengthening inspections and inspections, urging and reminding lower-level party committees, governments and relevant departments that are not in place in safety production work, and seriously investigate the responsibilities of those who do not fulfill their responsibilities.

Strictly implement the sealing up, seizure, power outage, and supply of civilian explosives for hidden dangers that cannot be found by the enterprise itself but found after inspection, hidden dangers that are not corrected after repeated prohibitions and punishments, and true hidden dangers reported and reported by the public , revocation of licenses, suspension of production for rectification, closure and ban, upper limit punishment and other law enforcement measures, and public law enforcement and public punishment, and resolutely prevent hidden dangers from causing accidents. When party committees, governments and their relevant departments at all levels inspect, supervise and inspect, and discover hidden accident hazards that are not discovered or rectified by lower-level party committees and governments, they will be held accountable in accordance with the quantitative accountability regulations.

The provincial level adopts a combination of “four-in-one” supervision and comprehensive supervision by the provincial government safety committee office to carry out normalized and uninterrupted supervision and inspection, and promote the implementation of various measures.

(Popular Daily)