Shandong has a strong cold wave and a big snowstorm! The lowest temperature in Taian is -9℃+light snow

On the afternoon of November 25th

Tai’an Meteorological Observatory released

Affected by the weak cold air, tomorrow (26th) Taian will have stronger gusts and lower temperatures.

From tonight to tomorrow, it will be sunny and cloudy, the northeast wind will be 3 to 4, the lake will be 4 to 5, and 3 to 9 degrees.

From the 27th to the 28th, there was a light to moderate rainy weather process;

The strong cold air came on the 28th, accompanied by strong winds And drastic cooling

The lowest temperature on the 30th dropped to about -9 degrees, please take precautions in advance.

Tai’an seven-day forecast


The Shandong Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued an important weather forecast today. Affected by the strong cold air, it is expected that Shandong will experience strong cooling, strong winds, rain and snow from the 28th to the 30th.

The temperature drop in most areas of the province reached 12-16°C, and in some parts it was 18-20°C;

The lowest temperature It appeared on the morning of the 30th, with -12 to -10°C in northwest and central Shandong, -5 to -3°C in coastal areas, and -8 to -6°C in other areas.

December 1-2, the lowest temperature in most parts of the province was around -7℃.

At the same time, there will be strong winds in Shandong, starting from the afternoon of the 28th, north wind, Bohai Sea, The Bohai Strait, the northern and central parts of the Yellow Sea gradually intensify from north to south to 7-9 gusts 10-11, peninsula areas and inland lakes 6-7 gusts 8-9, Binzhou, Dongying, Weifang and Rizhao 5-6 gusts 7 to 8, other areas 4 to 5 gusts 6 to 7. Northerly winds will continue until the 30th.

In addition, from the night of the 26th to the 28th, Shandong experienced light to moderate rain from west to east; Light snow; from 30th to December 1st, Yantai and Weihai had light to moderate snow and local heavy snow or blizzard.

The strong cold wave weather has a large drop in temperature, accompanied by northerly winds and rainy and snowy weather. Prevention and control have adverse effects. According to the results of the meteorological disaster risk survey since 1978, this process may bring certain meteorological disaster risks. Please take precautions in advance.