Shandong: Grab the golden construction period and accelerate the construction of transportation projects

In April, the construction of transportation infrastructure ushered in the golden construction period.

April 13, workers are working overtime to carry out construction work with the howling mountain wind at the construction site of Jilai High-speed Railway No. 1 Biao No. 6 construction area. Huang Huixuan, the manager of the construction area, introduced to reporters, “At present, the main project of the construction area has been basically completed, and it is expected that all construction will be completed on April 30.”

In order to ensure the opening of the Jilai high-speed railway to traffic this year, the project department is solid To do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the construction area has been fully closed for management, the construction personnel are encrypted for nucleic acid testing, and the disinfection personnel will comprehensively kill the living area and working area every 2 hours. In addition, the transportation and use of construction materials have also been more strictly controlled.

“Firstly, control the material input in medium and high risk areas from the source. After the material is transported to the construction site, a special person will carry out non-contact docking. The sterilized material needs to be left at the designated location for at least seven days to confirm the material. It is safe to transport it into the work area for internal use to avoid the risk of human-to-human transmission.” Huang Huixuan said.

This year, Shandong Province will have two projects of Jilai high-speed railway and Huangdong connecting line completed and opened to traffic. At present, most of the offline works of the two projects have been completed. The plans to start construction of the Xiongshang high-speed railway, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway auxiliary passage from Tianjin to Weifang, and the feasibility study report of the Jibin high-speed railway have all been approved.

Transportation is the lifeblood of the economy. At present, with the prevention and control in one hand and the progress in the other hand, Shandong’s key transportation projects grasp the golden period of spring construction and run out of the “acceleration” of project construction.

On April 12, the Lushan Tunnel, the second longest tunnel built in the province, is under construction in an orderly manner in the winding and majestic Lushan main vein between Boshan and Yiyuan. The tunnel is a key control project of the Linzi-Linyi expressway project, and 30% of it has been excavated.

Under the premise of effective epidemic prevention and control, the Linlin project has strengthened overall planning, increased investment in personnel and machinery and equipment, adopted a variety of new equipment, and applied face recognition, personnel positioning, emergency telephone and broadcasting systems , remote video monitoring and other new technologies, combined with a variety of construction methods, to break through the bottleneck that the quality of hidden projects is difficult to control, and strive to speed up the construction progress on the premise of ensuring construction safety and quality.

This year, 5 expressway projects in Shandong Province are planned to be completed and opened to traffic. Among them, the section from Taierzhuang Malantun to Lu-Su boundary of Xintai Expressway was opened to traffic in January. At the same time, 17 new high-speed projects were started, and 3 reconstruction and expansion projects of Tai’an-Dongping, Dongying-Qingzhou, and Qinglan-Shuangbu-Hetao sections of Qinglan Expressway were launched.

G104 Jinglan Line Jinan Yellow River Highway Bridge expansion project construction site.

The acceleration of major projects is inseparable from factor guarantees and policy incentives. In response to the problems of many matters, many links, and long periods of land use, the Provincial Department of Transportation adopted on-site supervision, regular dispatch and notification, etc., to implement tracking management of all aspects of land use procedures. At the same time, establish a project ledger for land use procedures, optimize the land use procedures, and determine the road map and timetable. This year, Shandong Province issued the “Implementation Plan to Increase Incentive Support for Cities with Significant Achievements in Transportation Investment”. From 2022, the provincial level will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the completion of transportation investment in 16 cities every year, and the annual investment completion volume will be large. , The top 12 cities with high investment intensity and fast investment growth will be motivated by tranches.

Transportation infrastructure projects have large investment, wide radiation and strong pull. Since the beginning of this year, Shandong Province has put the construction of comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network at the top of the “seven networks” action of the province’s infrastructure, accelerated the construction of major projects, and actively expanded effective investment. In the first quarter, the province’s transportation investment totaled 53.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.9%, hitting a new record high and achieving a “good start”. (Evergreen) (End)