School-age girls in Zhuhai will receive free domestic HPV vaccine today

Text and photos/Yangcheng Evening News All Media Reporter Qin Xiaojie

On the morning of September 24th, Zhuhai City held a free HPV vaccination campaign for school-age girls in the Ningxi District of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and all vaccination sites in the city started to start age-appropriate vaccinations one after another. Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination for girls.

At the vaccination site of Zhuhai Maternal and Child Health Hospital, more than 200 first-year girls from the Eighth Middle School in Xiangzhou District, accompanied by their parents, school doctors and teachers, went to the vaccination clinic to receive the HPV vaccine for free. At the vaccination site, the girls carried out medical consultation, information registration, vaccination, and observation in an orderly manner. The HPV vaccine popularization video was played on the spot to popularize the HPV vaccination knowledge and precautions to the students and parents present.

Doctors vaccinate girls

It is reported that in March this year, Zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau, Zhuhai Municipal Education Bureau, Zhuhai Municipal Finance Bureau, and Zhuhai Municipal Women’s Federation jointly issued the “Human Papillomavirus (HPV) for School-aged Girls in Zhuhai City. ) Free Vaccination Work Plan (2022-2024)”, it is clear that from 2022 to 2024, every year from 2022 to 2024, girls under the age of 14 who have Zhuhai student status, who have entered the first grade of junior high school from September, and who have not been vaccinated against HPV vaccine, will be treated according to the The principle of free vaccination and informed voluntariness is to implement free vaccination of domestic bivalent HPV vaccine.

Cheng Peng, deputy director of the Zhuhai Education Bureau, said: “The free HPV vaccine for school-age girls is a great boon for girls. Each school attaches great importance to it, carefully organizes it, and cooperates with the health department. Carry out the publicity of cervical cancer and HPV vaccine related knowledge. We also involve the family committee, and the main members of the family committee will join every student’s parents and students to come to the Ningxi campus of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital for vaccination. We try our best to inoculate In the process, let the students overcome their fears and bring some warmth.”

On-site consultation

Ms. Wang, the parent of the student who received the HPV vaccine on the spot, told the reporter: “I was also vaccinated with the HPV vaccine six months ago, and this time I can vaccinate the first-year girls as old as my daughter for free. As a parent, I am very supportive, and I applied as soon as the notification came out.”

Cervical cancer is the only cancer with a clear etiology, preventable and controllable, and its main cause is persistent infection of high-risk HPV virus. Among them, nearly 84.5% of cervical cancer patients are infected with 16/18 type HPV virus. This free HPV vaccine is mainly to prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV type 16/18 infection.

On-site vaccine publicity announcement

Zhuhai Maternal and Child Health Hospital head nurse Lin Huishan said: “Full-course immunization of girls under 15 with HPV vaccine is a key measure proposed in the World Health Organization’s Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer. 9-14 years old is the best age for HPV vaccination. The effectiveness, safety and protective effect of HPV vaccine have been widely confirmed, and it can effectively prevent most HPV virus infections. Zhuhai Maternal and Child Health Hospital is the largest vaccination in the city. There are 1215 vaccinated students.”

Vaccination Observation Area

Lin Huishan reminds parents that they should not exercise vigorously within three days after receiving the HPV vaccine, and try not to eat seafood, shrimp, crabs and other foods that are prone to allergies. There will be a little pain in the arm after vaccination, most of which will subside in one to two hours, and a few will subside in one to two days. Children need to observe the vaccination site for 30 minutes after vaccination, take appropriate rest, and keep the injection site clean. If there is any adverse reaction during the observation period, the vaccination doctor should be contacted immediately. If you experience persistent discomfort after leaving the clinic, seek medical attention immediately.

Vaccination Registry

From now on, various districts in Zhuhai City and the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone will carry out vaccination work one after another, for those who have Zhuhai student status, who have entered the first grade of junior high school, have not received HPV vaccine and are under 14-year-old girls are vaccinated with domestic bivalent HPV vaccine free of charge, and according to the principle of “informed consent, voluntary free”, no fee is charged. It is understood that according to the work arrangement, the first centralized vaccination will be completed before October 31, the first leak detection and replanting will be completed before November 20, and the first vaccination target will complete the second before the age of 15 from March to May 2023. inoculation. The specific vaccination time and location are subject to the actual notice of the school. Parents are requested to go to the vaccination site according to the notice of the school. On the day of inoculation, both the inoculated recipient and his/her legal guardian should go to the inoculation unit with the signed paper version of the informed consent and the child vaccination certificate., children and parents with valid identification, etc., and strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control work requirements of each vaccination point.

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