Say goodbye to the cold air, it’s hot enough to wear short sleeves next week!

It’s been a bit too cold these days

There are still people on the street

Worn back to winter coats and down jackets

The city’s average temperature at 19:00 yesterday

only 11.8℃

The good news is

Today the colder air tends to be End

The temperature has begun to rise

The city’s average temperature reached 14.9℃ at 15:00

1.5℃ higher than the same period yesterday

A confusing April

This time I finally have to say “bye” to the cold air!

Heating up!

The pattern of low temperature will take a turn

China Weather Network News , starting from tomorrow, as the cold air weakens and the precipitation decreases, all regions will enter the heating channel, and the pattern of low temperature will turn around.

Among them, the temperature in the north is faster, and the temperature in most places will reach a high point from the 19th to the 21st, and the highest temperature in the northeast will reach around 25℃. The city hits the first 20°C this year. Northwest China, North China, Huanghuai and other places will approach or reach 30°C. For example, Shijiazhuang may reach 32°C on the 21st, ushering in the warmest day this year.

On the 19th, the maximum temperature in most parts of the south will rise to above 20℃, and on the 21st to 22nd, the maximum temperature in various places will generally rise to above 25℃ , The maximum temperature in some places will be close to 30℃, and the warm heat will return.

“Farewell” to the rainy weather

The temperature on the 22nd and 23rd went straight to 30℃< /strong>

Chengdu Meteorological Observatory News

With the gradual departure of cold air

Chengdu will also “farewell” to the rainy weather

On the 19th, Chengdu will welcome

Bright spring sunny day

The maximum temperature is also back to the “2” era

Rising to around 22°C

Next weekend

The temperature goes straight to 30℃ again

The short sleeves at the bottom of the press box can be arranged again

Specific weather forecast for the next 7 days get

>>17th night to 18th daytime cloudy and cloudy, scattered light rain in the west at night, temperature 9~19℃;

>>Night from the 18th to the 19th, it will be cloudy and partly cloudy during the day, and the temperature will be 8~22℃;

>>From the evening of the 19th to the 20th, it was cloudy and sunny during the day, and the temperature was 9 to 24°C; ~26 ℃;

>>21st night to 22nd daytime cloudy, temperature 14~28℃;

>>22 From the evening of the 23rd to the 23rd, it was cloudy and overcast during the day, and the temperature was 15 to 29°C; , the temperature is 16 ~ 29 ℃.

Better weather is good for astronomical viewing!

April 18 morning,

Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn in the solar system

Almost equidistant arrangement

Rare “Four Stars”

Don’t know this time< /p>

Chengdu people of “astronomical insulators”

Can I see it with my own eyes

This peculiar astronomical landscape

Look forward to it together!

Comprehensive Chengdu weather, China weather Net, Xinhua News Agency

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