Sand Painting | Affectionately “confess” the officers and soldiers of Chigua Reef to pay tribute to the cutest person

1988 teacher at Chiguajiao Middle School, Ningbo Officers and soldiers started correspondence. In the past 34 years, Daxie Middle School students have exchanged more than 200 letters with the Chiguajiao garrison officers and soldiers. The officers and soldiers also sent shells and sea sand from Nansha, the motherland. These precious gifts are well preserved in the university. Xie Middle School in the military-civilian joint construction exhibition hall. The spirit of Chiguajiao has always inspired the children of Daxie and planted the seeds of “patriotic dedication” in their young hearts.

A few days ago, sand painting master Zhang Mingcong drew this story into a sand painting, affectionately “confessing” the officers and soldiers of Chigua Reef, and paying tribute to the most lovely person. (Source: Blue Media Alliance Beilun District Media Center Author Zhang Mingcong)