Rushan: summer along the Silver Beach

Silver Beach is a famous tourist attraction in Rushan City, Shandong Province. Named for the long sandy beach as white as silver, it is known as “the first beach in the world”. Silver Beach with beautiful scenery and clear water is a famous tourist resort.

Silver Beach is a famous tourist attraction in Rushan. It is named for the long sand beach which is white as silver with more than 20 kilometers. Known as ‘the best beach in the world’, the silver Beach is a well-known tourist resort with beautiful scenery and clear sea water.

Blue sky, white clouds, beaches, sunbathing, with its excellent natural ecological environment, Yintan attracts people from all over the world to travel Vacation, settling in.

With blue sky, white clouds, sandy beach and sunshine bath, Silver Beach attracts people from all over the world to spend their holidays and settle down in this excellent natural ecological environment.

In recent years, Rushan City has always adhered to the principle of establishing an ecological city, giving priority to the environment, and developing green, focusing on key points and making up for shortcomings, continuing to promote the construction of a refined city in the whole region, and polishing the beautiful business card of a tourism, leisure and health city.

In recent years, Rushan has always adhered to principles including ecological city construction, environmental priority and green development. It focuses on key points and shoring up shortcomings, continuously promoting the construction of a comprehensive exquisite city, and polishing the beautiful name card of a city of tourism, leisure and health.

(Correspondent Li Daquan Wang Yuan)