Rhinitis is too annoying? Natural plant nasal spray, you can breathe freely, and the whole person is comfortable!

The cool autumn wind is very uncomfortable, but for people with rhinitis, the change of seasons is a nightmare

I am an “old rhinitis” myself, and I usually have a stuffy and runny nose when the temperature drops a little. The nose has been in a state of non-ventilation for a long time, and the head is dizzy and swollen.

The nose environment is very sensitive and can’t stand irritation. Just a little bit of cooling, pollen, and smog are very itchy, and even cause itchy eyes and tears. That’s called A cranky!

Sneezes continuously throughout the day, regardless of the occasion, snots gushing out and spit flying, and go out to work with a refined look Makeup, red nose after get off work, all foundation rubbed off…

And due to stuffy nose and involuntary breathing with my mouth open when I sleep, my buck teeth are sticking out. Really a little ashamed.

Children with rhinitis, the face is more likely to be deformed during the development of facial bones, will become longer and crooked like the picture below.

The harm of rhinitis is not only that, it is a nasal mucosal disease caused by viral infection, must be careful of its complications at all times.

Such as sinusitis, nasal polyps, hypertrophy of turbinates, severe headaches, otitis media, pharyngitis, and developing adolescents will endanger intellectual development.

The problem of rhinitis should not be underestimated. Solving it as soon as possible is king!

I have the habit of washing with normal saline. The disadvantage is that it is too painful to wash my nose.

The ointment with relatively complete efficacy, sticky and sticky in the nose once applied, is uncomfortable for a long time, and after drying, it will all become a foreign body and stick to it.

Until recently, I found a rhinitis product with stronger comprehensive effects, convenient and painless use – Hong Kong Pharmacy Rhinitis Spray

I just used it a few times and I was amazed!

First of all, it is in the form of a fine spray, spray it on the nose, the essence can be dispersed into the nasal cavity, and it is cool and comfortable, not at all. There will be a choking feeling.

Secondly, the effect is very fast. The herbal fragrance spray enters the nasal cavity, immediately the nasal congestion is relieved, and a fresh air rushes in instantly, and it does not itch. Not uncomfortable anymore.

After ten minutes, the runny nose and sneezing will gradually stop. When you feel uncomfortable, you can snort and feel refreshed throughout the day.

The effect is so good, it is inseparable from the strong background and strength: It was developed by the expert scientific research team of the big pharmacy in Hong Kong for 5 years, and the ingredients for improving rhinitis were extracted from plant factors.

Most of the rhinitis sprays on the market are made of normal saline, which can only clean the nose. It was relieved at the time, but it did not last long.

The rhinitis spray from Hong Kong Pharmacy contains 8 natural herbal extracts and 2 patented repairing ingredients,both cleansing + antibacterial + repairing The effect is one .

The purpose is to repair your damaged nasal mucosa. After using it once for 4 hours, you can obviously feel that your nose is not sore!

The formula is quite pure, replaces water with sorbitol stock solution imported from Japan, less microorganisms and bacteria, rich in a variety of elements that are beneficial to the human body >, is conducive to the self-repair of nasal mucosa.

0 preservatives, 0 hormones, 0 stimulation, long-term use will not cause dependence, and children can use it. It is the first repair product recommended by major community hospitals in Hong Kong .

It is also a product that is national “No Font Elimination” certification, and its safety and effect are guaranteed!

Colleague Lily’s husband has been suffering from allergic rhinitis for many years, and it recurs every season, which is very painful. I recommended the Hong Kong Pharmacy Rhinitis Spray to him. After 14 days of spraying, the rhinitis has a qualitative leap!

Insist on using up 2 bottles, no more rhinitis, people are much more energetic now than before!

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Hong Kong Pharmacy Lab

Focus on natural and professional nasal care

Products that take care of the five senses, quality and safety are the most important, especially for teenagers and children.

Hong Kong Pharmacy, as a professional pharmaceutical organization and brand, has a history of more than 140 years. In 1997, it was registered and licensed by the Hong Kong government to join the genuine product protection plan ! Trusted by the local people.

It has a 10W-class sterile workshop and hundreds of R&D personnel, and the medicines it produces have been certified by the Hong Kong Quality Inspection Agency.

This rhinitis spray is certified by both Hong Kong and mainland China, and Hong Kong has a high level of monitoring of drugs, requiring standards far higher than those in mainland /strong>.

Not only sold in big pharmacies in Hong Kong, but also in 1700+ pharmacies, 600+ pharmacies , is the best choice for most people in Hong Kong to protect their nose.

Compared with common rhinitis products with naphazoline hydrochloride, repeated “drug-induced rhinitis” dependence;

Hong Kong Pharmacy’s rhinitis sprayThe ingredients are derived from natural extracts, and every drop is full of herbal essences. It focuses on repairing, gradually relieves sensitivity and strengthens the barrier. .

Official experimental tests show that: Small molecules quickly penetrate into the nasal cavity after use, and immediately turn on the antibacterial and soothing mode.

One spray can last for 4h+, 3 times a day is enough to keep the nasal cavity clean and prevent virus invasion! The efficiency at work becomes higher, the ventilation at night is not blocked, and the refusal to open your mouth to breathe becomes ugly!

Reviewed by people who have used it

No more stuffy nose, no more runny nose

The nose is clean, comfortable, and no longer red, swollen and itchy” “The product is gentle enough for children to use

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