remind! There have been many drowning accidents this year, and these dangers must be paid attention to…

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According to incomplete statistics from the National Health and Health Commission and the Ministry of Public Security, about 57,000 people die from drowning every year in my country. In the hot summer season, in Wuhan, many people choose to swim in the Yangtze River, Han River, or some unmanaged waters to cool off the heat. However, how many people are concerned about the hidden dangers?

Wuhan’s new Internet celebrity check-in place attracts foreign tourists

Recently, the waters of the East Lake near the Lingbo Gate of Wuhan University have caught fire. It is the new Internet celebrity check-in place in Wuhan. Indeed, watching the sunrise here in the morning is very romantic, and diving here in the afternoon is also very exciting. At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, there were already a lot of tourists, old and young.

Tourists from Guangzhou said that there are few places to swim in open waters like this in Guangzhou. Swimming in East Lake, but without any safety measures.

Another Guangzhou tourist said that he saw someone recommending Donghu Lake on a short video platform, saying that he would not swim too far here for swimming, mainly to swim sideways.

The reporter saw at the scene, In fact, at a distance of about 200 meters from here, there are already three warning signs, all of which remind everyone that there are no safety facilities in this water area, and do not swim again.

But the reporter saw at the scene that there were still many people in the water, some of them were On the side of the plank road, some people are helping the stone pier next to it, but some people who are adventurous have already swam out of the plank road. If a dangerous situation occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.

Wuhan citizens said: “

When swimming here, you should bring stalkers, life jackets, and swimming rings. Waiting for equipment, after all, it is quite dangerous, and it is often seen that there is danger. It is said that there have been 7 drowning incidents in this water area this year, and 3 people died.”

There are dangers hidden behind the coolness and wild swimming should be taken lightly

Afterwards, the reporter came to the Hanyangmen Wharf, which is visited every summer by young and old Here, the steps are full of people, and the water is also full of people. This year, the guardrail was erected early this year, and many warning signs were posted. Remind everyone not to swim in the water, but there are still people splashing in the water.

Wuhan citizens said: “

The weather is hot, and there are many people swimming. There is danger, and it is closed in the summer, mainly for fear of danger.”

The officer on duty at the Hanyangmen Wharf in Wuchang District, Wuhan City said that the accident happened two days ago, and a 3-year-old died. children; now seeing them go down for a swim, they turned over by themselves, and the security guards will catch them up after a while.

On the way down the steps, you can see warning signs all around, and a loudspeaker has been playing repeatedly , reminding everyone not to go into the water, but after walking across a small platform in front of the Yangtze River Museum, you can see that there are a lot of tourists swimming in the river below, including very small children.

Some children said that they often come here to play in the water.

In fact, I can understand everyone’s feelings of being close to nature and water, but it is also recommended that you choose safe and secure waters. Take precautions before entering the water.

Do not go into the water in these places with high incidence of drowning in summer

The reporter learned from the Water Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau that since June this year, the police of the Water Branch have been Successfully rescued 47 drowning accidents.

When it comes to summer, many people in Wuhan like to escape the summer heat in cool river or lake water. The reporter came to the Wuchang River Beach, where people swim in the Yangtze River from time to time. Although there is a warning sign saying that the river is fast and do not swim in the water, it still cannot stop people from swimming in the Yangtze River.

Swimming enthusiasts said that they come to swim every day to exercise, and also said that it is not dangerous.

Leader Zhang of the Wuhan Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team introduced that swimming is not allowed in the Yangtze River, and there are many accidents caused by foreigners who swim in the wild. You can also go down yourself, this time is the most likely to happen.

Wuhan is rich in water resources, including the Yangtze River, Han River and East Lake. The Wuhan Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team has set up 42 detachments and 22 duty points in the city to protect the safety of citizens swimming.

Leader Zhang of the Wuhan Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team introduced that there are more than 600 people in the rescue team on duty at the two rivers and four banks every day. So far this year, 38 rescue accidents have been handled. Although the river is cool and comfortable, it is safe Most importantly, we have been swimming in the Yangtze River for more than 50 years, and we are all in awe of the Yangtze River.

What are the locations where drowning alarms often occur in Wuhan?

Introduced by Officer Yuan from the Water Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, Wuchang Pinghumen, Dadikou, Moon Bay, Qingshan section under Erqi Yangtze River Bridge, Hankou under Erqi Bridge, Hankou River Beach, The Han River has Gutian Bridge, Yuehu Bridge, and Jianghan Bridge, all of which are dangerous waters.

There was once a Jiangxi man who went to Wuhan to swim in the Yangtze River, but he couldn’t go on swimming until he drifted to the green mountains was rescued. At that time, he said that he had traveled all over the country, large and small, rivers, lakes and seas, but did not expect the Yangtze River waters in Wuhan to be so dangerous.

According to the introduction of Officer Yuan from the Water Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, the water conditions of the Yangtze and Han Rivers are very complicated. It is suitable for swimming, but the fourth countercurrent is not suitable for swimming. It also publicizes and educates the general public and tourists not to swim in the Yangtze and Han Rivers.

Is there a decrease or increase in drowning accidents this year compared to previous years?

Officer Yuan from the Water Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau introduced that swimming drowning accidents are now significantly less than in previous years. Three patrol boats patrol the Yangtze and Han River every day from 7:00 to 11:00 pm , patrolling during peak swimming hours.

Water plants that love to bind feet, whirlpools that roll people, and mud undercurrents that eat people. These are all hidden dangers in the wild waters. , these places are really not suitable for swimming at all. According to statistics, drowning accidents are the leading cause of death among children aged 1-14 in my country.

Leader Zhang of the Wuhan Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team reminded that parents and children play by the water, never look at the mobile phone, hold the child well, maybe look at the kung fu of the mobile phone, children ran into the water.

Officer Yuan from the Water Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau introduced that, from the current rescue situation, the high-risk groups of drowning accidents are students and migrant workers. They go to the school every summer to give publicity lectures, mainly on prevention Drowning, a reminder to the trinity of teachers, parents and students.

The reporter came to the Moon Lake Natural Swimming Pool, and you can see that it is fully functional, including deep water area, shallow water area, and swimming pool. There is a children’s paddling pool. Now the staff is doing the clean-up work before the opening.

The staff introduced that the swimming pool is 1,600 square meters and there are 11 security guards. Once an accident occurs, they will fully cooperate with the rescue.

In case of an accident, is there rescue equipment here?

Lifeguards remind, don’t struggle, try to scratch with your hands. When people pick it up, it will float up.

The reporter can see in the swimming pool that there are not only swimming areas suitable for children but also swimming lanes suitable for adults to exercise. The coefficient is much higher than in natural waters. In addition, remind citizens and tourists that it is best to choose a formal swimming venue to play in the water to cool off in the hot summer.