Recipe for children aged 7-10 on the fifth day 1400~1600Kcal)

Breakfast: cornmeal steamed buns (40 grams of wheat flour, 20 grams of cornmeal); stir-fried celery with mushrooms (20 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 30 grams of parsley); boiled eggs (1 egg); umami soup (10 grams of crab mushrooms, 20 grams of spinach, 25 grams of tomatoes).

Snacks: 7 cups of milk (200ml), 1 walnut.

Lunch: mutton carrot dumplings (40 grams of mutton, 50 grams of carrots, 70 grams of flour); stir-fried 1000 pieces of cabbage (30 grams of cabbage, 25 grams of 1000 pieces of cabbage) ); dried shrimp and winter melon soup (40g of winter melon, 10g of dried shrimp, 5g of coriander).

Snacks: 100 grams of yogurt, 100 grams of persimmons, and 100 grams of bananas.

Dinner: Multigrain porridge (25 grams of rice, 40 grams of yam, 10 grams of oat rice, 10 grams of buckwheat, 5 grams of red beans, 10 grams of red dates, 5 grams of peanuts, a little); fried scallops with cucumber and fungus (30 grams of scallop meat, 30 grams of cucumber, 2 grams of dried fungus); fried minced pork with soybean sprouts (50 grams of soybean sprouts, 10 grams of minced meat).

Recommended one day: salt 4g, vegetable oil 20~25g, water consumption 800~1500ml, boiled water is the best, do not drink sugary drinks; video time < 2 hours, guaranteed 10 hours of sleep, 60 minutes of high-intensity exercise outdoors: such as long-distance running, swimming, sit-ups, long-distance running, pull-ups, swimming, etc.