Rare case, a cord in the lungs, turned into lung cancer in two years

This case is a patient in one of my small nodule research projects. The patient is male, 75 years old. When participating in our clinical study, who was the target nodule to track in the left lung The lower lobe, the two performing nodules in the lower lobe of the right lung, respectively 6.5mm and 6mm, would have five CTs to be done in three years, but he did not come for CT after 20 years, until June 8, 2022 When I came for a CT re-examination, there was a lesion in the upper left lung that tended to be a tumor with cavities, which was then surgically removed, and it was confirmed that it was lung cancer and had already infiltrated.

Looking back at the CT in 2020, I found that there was a cord shadow about 5mm long in the left upper lung. It seems that the possibility of blood vessels cannot be ruled out. To be honest, no one has detected this cord shadow. It is characterized as a lesion with the possibility of developing into lung cancer, which is not mentioned in the CT report. It is a pity that no CT will be taken in 2021, otherwise, the complete process of its development into lung cancer can be clearly seen.

Therefore, it is very necessary to have a physical examination at a certain age. Doing it once a year can effectively prevent some abnormal manifestations of the lungs from being missed. If the lesion is found to be enlarged in 21 years and undergoes surgery, the radical cure rate will be reduced. It is higher than the 22-year operation. Although it is all early, infiltration has occurred in 22 years.