Rao Yi, President of Capital Medical University, criticized Yin Ye, Vice Chairman of Huada Gene, for “flicking” the latter’s response: Thank you for your advice

On July 23 and 24, biologist and President of Capital Medical University Rao Yi published a series of articles on the WeChat public account “Rao Yi Science”, targeting BGI (SZ300676, stock price) 65.87 yuan, with a market value of 27.3 billion yuan) Vice Chairman Yin Ye. Rao Yi said in the article that Yin Ye’s behavior was tantamount to taking the initiative to lie. “The content of his flickering, nonsense and deception is beyond the scope of life science. He criticized him to break people’s misunderstanding that corporate executives can promote pseudoscience at will.”

Public information shows that in June 2019, Rao Yi became the president of Capital Medical University. He has drawn attention for his daring attacks on the chaos of academia. The object of Rao Yi’s attack this time is Yin Ye, who is a doctor of bioengineering from the University of Copenhagen and is currently the CEO of BGI Group and the vice chairman of BGI Gene. Yin Ye has been active in the field of popular science all the year round and has a large number of fans on multiple social media platforms.

Rao Yi said in his July 23 article, “Yin Ye’s own biological background is relatively limited and very imprecise. Quite a lot of content that is deliberately sensationalized. His speech on biology has a lot of pseudoscience, and beyond biology involving other sciences, it is full of errors. Laymen, especially liberal arts audiences are attracted by it.” Rao Yi also said that Yin Ye’s behavior It is tantamount to actively lying, and the content of his flickering, nonsense and deception is beyond the scope of life sciences.

Image source: Screenshot of the article “Rao on Science”

However, the reporter noticed that Rao Yi did not list Yin Ye’s specific mistakes. Rao Yi wrote in his article on July 24, “General science people know that there must be a problem after a few readings. If you want to correct and clarify each and every one of them, I don’t know how many days and nights it will take. Because of its large volume, I am afraid that no scientist with normal psychology and spirit is willing to come out and spend time and effort to specifically point out the large number of mistakes and the large number of lies made by people with poor scientific foundation.”

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Rao Yi’s article is also accompanied by a video of Yin Ye’s talk about “the meaning of dreams”. In this 44-second video, Yin Ye said, “Dream is the central nervous system developed in the living body, and it has become a unique perception of the brain after being upgraded. At present, this perception is that humans can independently recognize An invaluable artistic activity of knowing and expanding the boundaries of nature. The true birth of the personal relationship with God is at that point in time, when one’s brain is rapidly expanding, and we begin to dream.”< /p>

Yin Ye also said in the video, “Dreaming is the 0.1 version of the human language universe, which is a real alpha version, because in dreams All the fantasies we have generated are not only the cognition of God, but also the cognition of nature, and the cognition of human beings. All the feelings we can realize in dreams are real.”< /p>

In the morning of July 24th, Yin Ye responded on his WeChat public account “Yin Ge Liao Gene”, “Thank you for your advice. As before , what I expressed in “Round Table School”: Three people walk, there must be my teacher.”

On the evening of July 24, the reporter passed WeChat contacted a relevant person of BGI and asked if the company had responded to the dispute, but no reply has been received as of press time.

Image source: Yin Ye WeChat screenshot

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