Ranking of causes of death among Chinese residents released

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Number One Health Killer: StrokeStroke, also known as “stroke”, “cerebrovascular accident”, A group of diseases that damage brain tissue due to sudden rupture of blood vessels in the brain or blockage of blood vessels that prevent blood from flowing into the brain, including ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke (ischemic stroke has a higher incidence and accounts for the total number of strokes 60% to 70%). Stroke has three major characteristics:High morbidity, high mortality, and high disability rate. A huge burden on families and individuals alike. 1) 12 signs of stroke:1. Dizziness, especially sudden dizziness. 2. Limbs are numb, suddenly feel numbness on one side of the face or hands and feet, and some are tongue numbness and lip numbness. 3. Temporary slurred speech or speech. 4. Weakness or immobility of limbs. 5. A different headache than usual. 6. Sudden falls or fainting for unknown reasons. 7. A brief loss of consciousness or a sudden change in personality and intelligence. 8. The whole body is obviously weak and the limbs are weak. 9. Nausea and vomiting or blood pressure fluctuations. 10. Being drowsy and lethargic throughout the day. 11. Involuntary twitching of one or one limb. 12. My eyes suddenly felt that I could not see what was in front of my eyes for a while.

If you have a sign of a stroke or suspect a stroke, seek medical attention as soon as possible! The sooner you see a doctor, the more effective the treatment will bethe better. The study found that China is the place with the highest risk of stroke in the world, with a stroke risk rate of 39.3% among its residents. At the same time, the risk of stroke among Chinese men is also the highest among men in the world, exceeding 41%.     Research data shows that in 2016, there were 13.7 million new stroke patients in China, accounting for 5.51 million new stroke patients worldwide. Four percent! 2) 3 things are the “behind the scenes” of stroke1) Laziness Modern people are lazy, often too lazy to exercise and too lazy to drink water, These are all risk factors for stroke. Long-term inactivity will not only slow down blood circulation, but also easily lead to blood supply to the brain and heart, increase blood viscosity, easily produce blood clots, and accelerate cerebral infarction; not drinking water will speed up blood viscosity thick, resulting in thrombus. 2) Greed This refers to gluttony. Modern people prefer some heavy-flavoured foods, such as fried and pickled foods, which raise blood pressure and accelerate the risk of death from hypertensive heart disease and stroke. The high incidence of stroke in China is largely due to high sodium intake, which is simply too much salt. There are suggestions that adults should consume less than 6 grams of salt per day, but surveys show that the actual intake of Chinese people is about 12.5 grams, which is more than double the recommended amount!

3) Suffering Not only physical suffering, but also mental suffering can also lead to stroke. Excessive agitation or depression can lead to increased blood pressure. The blood vessels contract violently, accelerating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. There are 4 warnings in the body, seek medical attention as soon as possible1) The first place: fingers Many people have numbness in their fingers It is more common in the elderly, especially in the elderly. However, if the fingers are suddenly numb and accompanied by inability to close, be careful, this is likely to be a sign of a transient ischemic attack. First loss of sensation in one hand or foot, then numbness in one arm, one leg, half of the face or half of the body, but also a dull tingling in a few fingers. Obedient, fingers clenched fist weakly, etc. 2) The second place: the base of the tongue If there is insufficient blood supply to the cerebral arteries, the base of the tongue will feel stiff, making it difficult to speak, slurred, and language barriers. It is caused by affecting the language center of the cerebral cortex. And it will also show that it is easy to choke when drinking water, easy to choke when eating, easy to bite the tongue, etc. At this time, you must be cautious and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. 3) The third place: the face Because stroke is a lesion that occurs in the cerebrovascular, when the lesion involves the nerves, it will cause symptoms such as facial paralysis in the human body , At this time, it will show the performance of drooling on one side while sleeping, and unable to whistle. There will even be short-term amaurosis, invisible things, and it will recover in seconds or minutes, and some people will also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, disturbance of consciousness, etc. 4) Fourth place: lower limbs Two or one leg is weak and weak, and will fall even on flat ground. Because no matter which hemisphere of the brain the lesion occurs, it will lead to hemiplegia on the opposite side of the lesion, and its degree can vary from mild to severe. At this time, there will be abnormal sensations in the limbs, such as inflexibility and weakness of the legs and feet. Be vigilant at this time, it may be a signal of ischemic stroke.

Prevent stroke by doing these 4 points1) Supplement two major “nutrients”a) Supplement alpha-linolenic acid span>Alpha-linolenic acid is an essential fatty acid for the human body. It has the effect of preventing cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction. It is one of the nutrients that modern people are seriously lacking. There are not many foods rich in alpha-linolenic acid, such as deep-sea fish, suzi oil, walnut oil and other foods. Among them, the content of suzi oil is high, reaching more than 66.7%, which is α-linolenic acid. Good source. Supplementary method: You can mix 5ml of sesame oil into yogurt or soup every day, which can maximize the retention of nutrients and help the body absorb. b) Folic acid supplementation Folic acid can promote the conversion of homocysteine ​​into methionine, which is not harmful to blood vessels, and can also reduce the concentration of cysteine ​​in the blood, thereby reducing the brain Incidence of stroke. Supplementary methods: vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, and lettuce. a) Reduce the stimulation of “two things”1) Cigarettes Carbon monoxide in cigarettes can cause myosin heteroconstriction, promote platelet aggregation, and nicotine It can also cause vasospasm and constriction, which increases blood flow resistance and induces atherosclerosis. b) Alcohol Alcohol has a strong excitatory effect on nerves, which can easily increase the heart rate and blood pressure, and easily accelerate the occurrence of stroke. It is best to get rid of the habit of smoking in the left hand and drinking in the right hand to reduce the stimulation of blood vessels. 3) Prevention of two “chronic diseases”a) Hypertension Hypertension is regarded as the most risk factor for stroke, which can easily cause arterial Atherosclerosis promotes vascular endothelial damage, thrombosis, and easily induces cerebral infarction. Therefore, people with high blood pressure must control their blood pressure, take medicine on time, and follow the doctor’s advice. b) Diabetes Diabetes patients have metabolic disorders or abnormal performance, and long-term high blood sugar in the body will increase blood viscosity and damage blood vessels, and slow blood flow will promote The aggregation of platelets and the flow of blood clots through the brain can trigger a stroke. Therefore, it is best for diabetic patients to learn to control their blood sugar, eat less food with high sugar, and check frequently to prevent complications. 4) Often do two “shutdown” movementsa) Massage the neck After rubbing the hands to heat, massage the left and right sides of the neck, The speed is slightly faster, and it is appropriate for the skin to be hot and red. This can promote the relaxation of the smooth muscle of the neck blood vessels, reduce the deposition of cholesterol, restore the elasticity of the hardened neck blood vessels, improve the blood supply to the brain, and prevent the occurrence of stroke. b) Empty gripper to prevent cerebral hemorrhage Do 3 empty grippers for each left and right hand, 400~800 times each time. The right cerebral blood vessel wall that lacks exercise is abnormally fragile. Regular exercise of the left hand can exercise the right brain and reduce the occurrence of lesions. Don’t take chances, prevent strokes, and move now!

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