“Quanzhou World Heritage Day” theme event launched today

Today is the first anniversary of the successful application of “Quanzhou: The World Marine Commerce and Trade Center of China in Song and Yuan Dynasties”, and also the first “Quanzhou World Heritage Day”. Over the past few days, with the theme of “social co-construction, people’s sharing”, Quanzhou City has adopted a combination of online and offline, main and branch venues to carry out a series of exciting activities in Quanzhou Confucian Temple, municipal units, and 9 heritage-related counties (cities, districts). .

This morning, the event was launched at the main venue, Quanzhou Confucian Temple Square, and in the evening there was a World Heritage Night theatrical performance. At the same time, the square will carry out activities such as heritage exhibition, heritage lantern riddle quiz, heritage legal popularization, heritage VR experience, maritime theme cultural and creative exhibition, heritage tourism experience and other activities around the clock.

The training course on the protection and management of world cultural heritage in Fujian Province, hosted by the Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics and undertaken by the Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics, will invite well-known experts from all over the country to teach the world culture Knowledge of heritage conservation and management, and exchange of conservation and management experience. In the Quanzhou Overseas Transportation History Museum, the “World Heritage Museum City Forum” jointly sponsored by the China Overseas Transportation History Research Association and the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. The integration of tourism and the development of museums will contribute academic strength to Quanzhou’s efforts to build a model city for world heritage protection and utilization. Major museums have various forms of exhibitions, research and other activities, such as the “Meetings in the Erythrocyte Era” series of activities in the Haijiaoguan Museum, Time Story-The Twenty-Four Solar Terms Exhibition in Quanzhou Cultural Relics, and the World Heritage General Exhibition The exhibition is live, the Quanzhou Museum’s “The Party Will Always Follow the Party in My Heart” theme publicity competition, “Red in Memory” summer tourism research activities, “Starting from “Porcelain” – Quanzhou Song and Yuan Porcelain Exhibition”, etc.

In Licheng, Fengze, Luojiang, Shishi, Jinjiang, Nan’an, Anxi, Dehua and Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, the theme Cultural feasts such as exhibitions, intangible cultural heritage markets, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, cultural tourism carnivals, cultural and creative experiences, and design competitions will also meet with citizens and tourists one by one. (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Cai Zimin)

[Source: Quanzhou Civilization Network]

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