Qixi is approaching, the roses are not fragrant? Lotus occupies the C position?

This article is reproduced from [Qianjiang Evening News];

The Qixi Festival is approaching, I heard that many flower shops have launched limited edition lotus flowers. Yesterday, the reporter went to the flower and bird market and some flower shops to see if we could meet this summer-limited romance.

At the Fengqi Flower and Bird Market, some of the shops displayed wrapped bouquets in front of them. There were really lotus flowers and lotus pods.

“Lotus is imported from Jiande.” said Ms. Ma, the shop owner of Xinyue Flower Shop, “There will be reservations recently.” She said that if you like lotus, it is best to make an advance One-day reservations may not be available for purchase on the same day. “They will be sold out.” Yes, the flowering period will be shorter in summer, and it can only be raised for four or five days.”

In the flower and bird market, lotus flowers are either wrapped in bouquets or wholesale.

In Mr. Wen’s shop, several large buckets are filled with lotus flowers and lotus pods. A bunch of lotus flowers is 15 yuan, and a bunch of lotus pods is 16 yuan, and it can sell seventy or eighty a day.

“The lotus pods can’t be eaten. These are all transported from Jiande in the morning. If the lotus is well-raised, it can last for ten days.” He lotus pods are sold for about a month, “it can be sold for another half a month.”

As the Chinese Valentine’s Day approaches, prices of all kinds of flowers will increase more or less. It has something to do with Qixi Festival.”

Mr. Wen told reporters that summer is generally a low season for flower sales. “It’s hot now, and florists won’t stock up too long in advance.”