Qin’an Fire Protection organized an earthquake rescue actual combat pulling and assembly drill

In order to further test the rapid response capability of the fire rescue team for earthquake rescue, and effectively do all kinds of emergency preparations for “rescue and rescue major disasters”. Recently, the Chengji Fire and Rescue Station of Qin’an County Fire Rescue Brigade organized an earthquake rescue actual combat pulling and assembly exercise.

According to the actual combat pull and assembly exercise procedure, firstly, the fire station cadres will clearly divide the fire and rescue personnel. After the combat order is issued, all fire rescue The personnel quickly dressed and assembled. Subsequently, the fire station cadres counted the rescue vehicles and equipment, 72-hour emergency support materials, etc. one by one, and spot-checked the fire rescue personnel’s familiarity with the equipment and the actual operation level. The whole process of pulling and assembling is well organized, with clear division of labor, rapid assembling, complete earthquake rescue equipment, complete and easy-to-use on-board equipment, fully demonstrating the good mental outlook and fighting style of the fire rescue team, reaching the inspection team’s earthquake rescue combat readiness level and actual combat. purpose of training.

After the pulling drill, the fire station cadres commented on this earthquake rescue assembly pulling, pointing out the existing problems and deficiencies, and asking all Fire rescue personnel should carry out targeted training in combination with the needs of earthquake rescue tasks and existing equipment, further strengthen the best combination of people and equipment, strengthen the coordination between team members, and ensure the efficient development of combat operations. At the same time, they must be well equipped The maintenance of equipment ensures that personnel, equipment and equipment can be pulled, used and won at any time in the event of major earthquake disasters and cross-regional emergency pulls.

(Editor: Li Xiaobing Editor in charge: Lu Shujuan Editor: Wang Xiaotao)