Qantas asks executives to work as luggage porters for 3 months due to labour shortage

According to foreign media reports on the 8th, Qantas Airlines asked company executives to serve as luggage porters for three months to solve a serious labor shortage. Managers and executives are required to work three to five days a week in four- to six-hour shifts, and luggage handlers need to be able to move suitcases weighing up to 32kg each.

The director of the company is looking for at least 100 volunteers to work at Sydney and Melbourne airports, including loading and unloading luggage and Drive a vehicle around the airport to carry luggage.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, as countries closed borders and grounded planes, airlines were forced to lay off thousands of employees, many of them ground staff. Much of the global aviation industry is currently struggling to restore service as borders reopen, and so is Qantas.

Qantas Chief Operating Officer Colin Hughes said: “The high winter flu rate, the surge in the community’s new crown pneumonia epidemic, coupled with the continued tight labor market, pose challenges to the allocation of resources across the industry.”.

Mr Hughes added: “Nobody wants to take a job like this on top of a full-time job.” Expectation standards, said it has been doing everything possible to improve performance. Since Easter, around 200 headquarters staff have been at the airport during peak travel periods.

In November 2020, in addition to announcing thousands of job cuts, Qantas outsourced more than 2,000 ground staff positions to reduce financial losses.

Last month, the airline apologized for passengers complaining about delays and lost luggage.

Australia has imposed strict travel restrictions since the COVID-19 pandemic, with restrictions not beginning to be lifted until November 2021. Qantas has been working to restore services as the coronavirus outbreak eases globally. But due to a shortage of baggage handlers, luggage piled up at the terminal.

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