Put aside your troubles, come to Jinshan to experience the unique summer night of the ancient town!


The town of Jinshan Fengjing has always been occupied by high temperature,

The hot sun scares people away from going out during the day.

However, when the sun goes down,

The night gradually enveloped the earth, and the high temperature gradually dissipated.

Playful children take advantage of the sunset to take to the streets,

The high-hanging red lanterns are smeared with a poetic mood,

The charm of Fengjing Ancient Town swept under the contrast of night.


On the production street built along the river, various restaurants and restaurants have moved out tables, chairs, tableware, and chopsticks. You might as well choose one, eat a farmhouse dish, and drink a sip of Fengjing yellow wine with ice. After a meal, the night will gradually fade. concentrated.

Night scene

At this time, the lights in the core area of ​​the ancient town were all lit up, and the red lanterns along the river were reflected in the shadows in the microwave, dressing the town with heavy makeup.

Night run

For those who love to exercise, summer night running is a very good choice. Night run must go to Bainiutang, where the net red bridge echoes the ancient town. From another perspective, you can also discover the beauty of the ancient town.


In summer, the days are long and the nights are short. After 21:00, the heat has almost dissipated, and supper has become everyone’s favorite. Most of Fengjing’s barbecue shops are scattered around the ancient town. Order a few meat skewers and drink a cold beer, which is a touch of solace in the hot summer.


In the hustle and bustle of the city, do you feel tired and tired? Go to Fengjing Ancient Town, find a homestay and experience the beauty of the deep ancient charm, or in Fengjing RV campground, let you rest in peace.

I’m used to seeing the hustle and bustle of the day,

Fengjing colorful night

Do not have a style,

Let’s feel the summer night in the ancient town together!

(Source: i Jinshan)