Pulmonary nodule patients are not lazy, they are really tired due to lack of qi and blood. Short of breath? Chinese medicine to solve

Qi and blood are the most fundamental things in our life. According to Chinese medicine, Qi is the most basic substance that constitutes and maintains human life activities. Qi deficiency may be due to lack of congenital endowment, or it may be due to acquired lack of recuperation or long-term wear and tear. Now more and more patients are diagnosed with pulmonary nodules, which may be caused by lung qi deficiency of.

Today, a female patient with a 4mm pulmonary nodule came to the outpatient clinic. She was accompanied by her husband. When I was reading her report, I casually asked her how she was feeling, and the patient started immediately. Tucao: I usually don’t have anything that makes me happy, so I just want to lie down quietly. Every time my husband will talk about it. Before she could finish speaking, she began to hear her husband’s complaint: She is usually too lazy, and she is tired after walking a few steps. At home, she can sit and never stand, and she can lie down and never sit.

According to the detailed understanding, the patient often suffers from shortness of breath and fatigue, and has symptoms of chest tightness when walking quickly, slightly coughs up white phlegm, loose stools, and sweats easily. After inspection, she found that her tongue was pale and greasy, and her pulse was deep and thin. Therefore, I differentiated her from lung-qi deficiency and phlegm-dampness, and used tangerine peel, Pinellia, Poria, Atractylodes and other medicinal materials to replenish qi and invigorate the spleen, dry dampness and resolve phlegm. The lung nodules caused by her qi deficiency need to focus on strengthening the righteousness, taking into account the elimination of pathogens, and using tonifying lung qi to disperse the nodules.

After a course of conditioning, the patient’s symptoms of fatigue, leg weakness and weakness were significantly relieved, and the expectoration was gone. During the second course of treatment, the patient said that all symptoms had disappeared. The most important thing was to do an examination yesterday and found that the nodule had shrunk from 6 mm to 2.5 mm. Looking at her in the video, her face was rosy and her brows were overjoyed. I was Really happy for her. At the same time, for her nodules, I gave her follow-up conditioning.

People with insufficient qi and blood often feel that they are always tired for no reason. In fact, the root cause of fatigue is the lack of energy in the body. Once qi is deficient, we will feel tired and weak, short of breath, lazy to speak, loss of appetite, dizziness and pale complexion. . Long-term lack of qi and blood will lead to a significant decrease in the function of our viscera. If this happens, it must be paid attention to, and the conditioning of nourishing qi and nourishing blood must be carried out as soon as possible.

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