Protective clothing is not sportswear, nor is it a promotional tool

On April 28, a Weibo post titled “Aid Shanghai Dabai Jumping Compendium of Materia Medica” became popular. The news read: These medical staff in Shanghai are usually responsible for nucleic acid sampling in various streets, including large screening, building closures and cleaning, and chasing the sun at the door.

Image source: Weibo screenshot

In the news video, a team of medical workers in Shanghai, wearing full protective gear, danced the shuttlecock indoors. And put on “anti-epidemic postures” such as nucleic acid sampling, hand disinfection, disinfection, and seven-step hand washing for publicity.

The team members expressed the hope that through this video, they would encourage themselves and their teammates to be able to do their jobs better if they had a strong physique; at the same time, they also hoped to encourage residents who are locked down at home to exercise together.

Although the intention is good, it is not appropriate to wear a protective suit for shuttlecock exercises.

First, a protective suit is not a suit of clothing for strenuous exercise. As disposable protective equipment, its design and production first need to consider protective performance, so it has strong requirements for protection, liquid barrier and moisture permeability. Therefore, in nucleic acid sampling points, “medical personnel from protective clothing often appear Sweat poured out” scene.

For this reason, protective clothing is not breathable when worn. Doing more strenuous activities such as “shuttlecock exercises” is a major test for the cardiopulmonary function of medical staff.

The performance of “for nucleic acid testing personnel” once aroused public criticism for increasing the probability of infection and wasting queuing time. And propaganda such as “medical staff dancing shuttlecock dancing in protective clothing” is also inappropriate.

Protective clothing is not sportswear, nor is it a promotional tool. (planned by: Leu.)