Promote platform docking and open up “information islands” to promote the integration of administrative law enforcement information and the process of intelligent supervision

A few days ago, the Justice Bureau of Xing’an League went to the Social Governance Center of the League to discuss the connection between the center platform and the self-built platforms of various law enforcement departments, the data sharing after the connection, and the administrative law enforcement. Observing and learning about the online handling of cases.

The person in charge of Xing’an League Social Governance Center introduced various functions of the center platform in detail, and focused on demonstrating the functional modules of administrative law enforcement the entire operation process. Through observation and study, we learned that since 2021, the Political and Legal Committee of Xing’an League has solved the problem from the perspective of administrative law enforcement informatization management and actively promoted the construction of law enforcement informatization. At present, administrative law enforcement officers rely on the central platform to automatically search for information such as legal basis for administrative punishment, discretionary administrative punishment and other information through “keywords”, and only need to use mobile phones and portable printers to upload administrative law enforcement data in real time and implement law enforcement documents for administrative law enforcement cases. Print on site. The “formatting” of law enforcement procedures greatly reduces the workload of front-line law enforcement officers and improves the efficiency of case handling.

After the observation and study, the two parties reached a consensus on the necessity, importance and urgency of the platform docking.

Since the operation of the administrative law enforcement supervision platform of the whole district, it has received great achievements in the training of administrative law enforcement personnel, examinations, and application for law enforcement certificates. However, there are still many problems in the promotion and application of administrative law enforcement case management. The fundamental reason is that the relevant administrative law enforcement information system (platform) has not been connected with the administrative law enforcement supervision platform of the whole district, and the supervision data is not shared. With little data on law enforcement cases, it is difficult to exert the function of “smart” supervision of administrative law enforcement.

Through the modern intelligent platform of social governance in Xing’an League, the transformation from terminal punishment to source governance has been realized, effectively compressing law enforcement personnel Discretionary space solves the problems of selective law enforcement, inaction, slow action, inconsistent law enforcement standards, and irregular procedures under the traditional case handling model, making case handling more standardized, fair and efficient.

In order to ensure the launch of the platform across the region on May 5th, the Judicial Bureau of Xing’an League will base itself on its own duties and actively promote Xing’an The modern intelligent platform of social governance in the league city is connected with the administrative law enforcement supervision platform of the whole district to speed up the online entry of law enforcement information, the online circulation of law enforcement procedures, the online inquiry of law enforcement results, and the online supervision of law enforcement activities, and promote the use of the administrative law enforcement supervision platform by all administrative law enforcement entities. , handle administrative law enforcement cases, carry out review and investigation of administrative law enforcement case files, further standardize administrative law enforcement behavior, improve the quality and efficiency of administrative law enforcement supervision, and promote the “smart” supervision process of administrative law enforcement.

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