Principles and principles of traditional Chinese medicine for epidemic control Detoxification and immune regulation

First, the rules of Chinese medicine for epidemic prevention and control




4. Avoid evil spirits and isolate and control them.

5. Adjust emotions and freshen the air.

Traditional Chinese medicine epidemic prevention and control is the principle of medical life function prevention and control.

Second, in the prevention and treatment of epidemics in traditional Chinese medicine, apart from the flexible use of “supporting the righteous and eliminating pathogens, and treating diseases based on syndrome differentiation”, the use of medicine is also based on the general principles and principles.

1. General principles of Chinese medicine for treating epidemics:

Detoxification and detoxification;

2. The general direction of medicine based on syndrome differentiation is:

clearing heat and detoxifying, dispelling cold and removing dampness, avoiding filth and turbidity, and regulating Qi.

3. Pathology of the disease: dampness, poison, cold, heat, silt, deficiency, gridlock, dehydration and other pathogenesis, all should be applied according to syndrome differentiation.

Third, TCM resources are abundant and practical.

Such as six meridians and eight cardinal syndrome differentiation, body fluid, body fluid, qi, nourishing, and blood syndrome differentiation, visceral and fu-organ triple energizer syndrome differentiation, and meridian syndrome differentiation, etc.,

pay attention to the evolution law of epidemic diseases, and “disease due to place, time, and cause” People, due to illness” and other comprehensive conditions, take the principle of strengthening the righteous and eliminating pathogens, restraining yin and yang, and detoxifying and immune regulation.

Original work by Luo Zhanguang.