“Pressure-boosting food” was found, and salt was on the list. Doctors suggested: eat less if you can

Hypertension has always been a physical disease that seriously plagues human health. If you suffer from high blood pressure and improve it, it is easy to induce cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, etc. serious complications.

Maybe in people’s cognition, high blood pressure is the patent of middle-aged and elderly people, and many people rely on their own Young and not particularly concerned about physical problems.

As everyone knows, with the changes in lifestyle and diet, high blood pressure is no longer the patent of middle-aged and elderly people. Because in daily life, some people have not yet entered middle age, but they are also told that they have high blood pressure during the physical examination.

There are many reasons for high blood pressure, the following behaviors should be paid more attention.

What behaviors affect blood pressure?

  • Not paying attention to physical examination

< p data-track="9">In recent years, with the progress of people’s thinking, more and more people have begun to pay attention to this matter, and they also hope to pay attention to it through recommended methods. Avoid physical problems without knowing it.

However, in daily life, there are still some people who do not pay attention to physical examination, thinking that physical examination is nothing more than a waste of money, and No physical symptoms were found during the physical examination.

The physical examination can know your own health status. If you have certain symptoms, you can also Early detection and early treatment, if you do not pay attention to physical examination, it is easy to have blood pressure fluctuations without knowing it.

  • obese
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    Nowadays, the types of food on our table are becoming more and more diverse. Some people do not know how to control their food, and they are prone to gain weight.

    Being overweight will not only affect a person’s external temperament, but may also damage physical health and even It will also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure is a common cardiovascular disease in daily life, so if you don’t want to be troubled by high blood pressure, I hope you can learn to control your body.

    • Substance Abuse
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      When you feel unwell, you must consult a doctor in time, and you should also follow the doctor’s advice to cooperate with treatment and improvement, but many people in daily life do not Instead of doing this, I will go to the pharmacy to buy some medicines to eat based on past experience.

      Substances of abuse may not have the desired therapeutic effect and may even cause cardiovascular irritation and injury, is not conducive to blood pressure stability.

      • Cardiovascular disease

      There are many common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in daily life, such as thrombosis, atherosclerosis, etc. If you suffer from related diseases, it is easy to induce other diseases without timely treatment and conditioning cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as hypertension.

      So if there is a related disease, it must be treated and improved in time, and don’t let it develop .

      • Improper diet
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        Diet is one of the things we must do every day. The reason why people eat is because the body needs to obtain nutrients from food to maintain the functions of various parts run.

        But in real life, many people may have bad eating habits, often eating some unnutritious and unhealthy food, Not only can it not allow the body to obtain enough nutrients, but it may also cause a certain burden and injury to the body, and even cause blood pressure fluctuations. Please don’t take it seriously. So which foods will affect blood pressure?

        “Pressure-boosting food” was discovered, and salt was on the list. Doctors suggested: eat as little as you can

        1, high-fat foods

        Like the big fish and big meat on the table or fried food, etc. are high-fat foods, maybe in people’s perception, these foods taste very delicious, and can also make The body gets enough nutrients.

        But after too much fat enters the human body, it is easy to increase the blood concentration and affect the normal blood circulation , can also lead to increased blood pressure.

        2. Foods that are too high in calories

        A variety of desserts, hot foods, etc. are all high-calorie foods. Excessive calories entering the human body may be converted into fat accumulation In the body, it occurs again in the phenomenon of obesity.

        At the same time, if you eat these foods regularly, it may also lead to further increase in blood pressure, so from a health perspective Go, hope you can keep your mouth shut.

        3. Fine food

        A few decades ago, people’s staple food was mainly coarse grains. Now, with the steady improvement of economic level and the change of people’s thinking, more and more people are gradually realizing Fine grains taste better.

        Although the surprise snack after processing tastes better, the nutrients in it during processing may be Eating this food regularly can easily lead to excessive carbohydrate intake and even affect blood pressure.

        4. Alcoholic beverages

        The history of Chinese drinking can be traced back to thousands of years ago. In recent years, in addition to men, some female friends have gradually joined the ranks of drinking.

        Maybe in people’s cognition, drinking is a very normal thing, but drinking regularly is easy Stimulating the blood vessels leads to vasoconstriction, which will inevitably lead to an increase in blood pressure at this time.

        5. High salt food

        It seems that all kinds of pickled vegetables are high-salt foods. In addition, some people always add a lot of salt unconsciously when cooking, and they often eat Foods with high salt content will not only accelerate the body’s water consumption, but also affect blood pressure.

        I believe many people have also heard that after suffering from high blood pressure, you can’t eat too many heavy-tasting foods The daily salt intake of healthy adults should be controlled within 6 grams, and the daily salt intake of hypertensive patients should be maintained within 4 grams.

        Stable blood pressure, what should I pay attention to in life?

        [Take your medicine on time]

        Because high blood pressure is a chronic disease, it needs to be conditioned and improved by taking medicines. Choose to stop or reduce the dose.

        Change the dosage at your own discretion, which may not achieve the desired therapeutic effect, and may even further aggravate The burden on the body is not only not conducive to stabilizing blood pressure, but even further increases blood pressure.

        [Keep Emotional Stability]

        Maybe in the cognition of many people, bad emotions will only affect the number of people’s moods. Controlling the influence of negative emotions for a long time may also cause a person’s body to suffer. Health is damaged, such as causing nervous tension, endocrine disorders, and of course blood pressure.

        So if you don’t want to be troubled by high blood pressure, I hope you can keep a peaceful and good attitude as much as possible. Don’t lose your temper.

        To sum up, because hypertension is a chronic cardiovascular disease, an increase in blood pressure occurs. I hope that everyone can view this matter in a correct way, and actively adjust and improve according to the doctor’s advice.

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