Premature aging warning! These “2 big and 2 small” appear in the body, which will accelerate your aging

The aging of the body can be traced. If you find it early, you can press the pause button of aging earlier. Especially for girls who are over 28 years old, the peak of life has passed , began to go downhill, usually pay more attention to the changes in the body!

Famous medical scientist Zhu Dan Xi said: “What is inside must be outside.” Aging starts from the inside of the body and spreads from the inside to the outside. When you find signs of premature aging in your body with “2 large and 2 small”, immediately turn on your aging pause button !

Signs of premature aging: “2 large and 2 small”, how many do you account for?

Girls often have these four changes in the early stages of aging. I hope you None!

1. Eye bag change Big

Pouch freshman It is true that no matter men or women, as long as the eyelid muscles are loose, it is a sign of premature aging, because the enlargement of eye bags can best explain a problem: spleen deficiency and metabolic decline!

The spleen governs movement and transformation When the spleen is deficient, the ability to transport and transform the essence of water and grain decreases, and it is easy to generate moisture and lack of qi and blood; the spleen governs the promotion of clearness, and the spleen governs the muscles. If the spleen is deficient, the lifting force of the muscles is insufficient, and the eyelid muscles will relax and moisture will accumulate. , Over time, bags under the eyes are formed.

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The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. Metabolism will be weakened. Many people with large bags under the eyes have problems such as indigestion, unshaped stool, prone to abdominal distension and diarrhea, greasy, heavy body, sagging face, sagging breasts, and sagging buttocks.

Big bags under the eyes are just In the early stage of premature aging, if you do not recuperate in time, the deficiency of the spleen will lead to deficiency of the kidney for a long time. Once the deficiency of the kidney, it is as if the aging accelerator has been pressed, making you age quickly!

2. Waist and abdomen Get bigger

If you The lifestyle has not changed from before, but the body is getting fat inexplicably, and the weight is increasing year by year;

If you eat abstinence and exercise a lot, but you can’t lose the fat in your waist and abdomen;

It means that your body is beginning to age. May be kidney deficiency.

Kidney governs growth, Reproduction, development, and people with kidney deficiency will definitely age prematurely, with insufficient kidney essence, and the function of the entire female reproductive system will also decline, including the uterus and ovaries! Decreased ovarian function, estrogen secretion will be insufficient!

Modern medical discovery, Insufficient estrogen secretion in women will slow down the metabolism, and the toxins and garbage in the body cannot be excreted in time, and gradually accumulate in the waist and abdomen, resulting in obesity.

Third, less hair

“Kidney, its flower is in the hair”, Although the nutrition of hair comes from blood, the vitality of hair is rooted in kidney qi.

Look at teenagers with abundant kidney qi, which one is not the lush and lustrous hair, and the kidney qi of a little girl before the age of 7 is not yet full, Most of them are “yellow-haired girls”. After the age of seven, the kidney energy is sufficient, and the hair starts to turn black.

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The “Huangdi Neijing” said: “Women’s five sevens, the Yangming pulse declines, the face begins to burn, and the hair begins to fall. “That is to say, under normal circumstances, girls don’t start to lose their hair until they are 35 years old. If they are not yet 35 years old, they will suffer from serious hair loss and long gray hair, which are all signs of premature aging.

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Fourth, less menstrual flow

Whether menstruation is normal is closely related to our ovaries and uterus!

Generally speaking, before the age of 35, girls will not have menstruation It will be significantly less, and there will be no unstable menstrual cycle and endless menstruation. After the age of 40, with the recession of the uterus and aging ovaries, menstruation may start to be unstable!

If you are not yet 35 years old, your menstrual flow will be significantly less, and If menstruation is more than one week ahead of schedule and the menstrual flow is endless, it means that the ovaries have begun to age!

Aging is irreversible Yes, but aging is not “cliff-like”. It has a process, which happens at the beginning of aging. We only need to do 3 things well to slow down the pace of aging!

Do 3 things well, press aging “pause” key”

Lack of sleep , is the primary factor leading to premature aging; sleep is like charging a mobile phone, if we only charge one-third or one-half of the battery of the mobile phone each time, it will be used up soon, and often the life of the mobile phone will also It gets shorter, and so do people!

I want to age slowly One point, the first thing is to sleep well. Going to bed before 23 o’clock in the evening can nourish yin and subdue yang, replenish qi and blood. It is really a hundred medicines, it is better to sleep well!

Second, regular cleaning body waste

aging The metabolism of the body is inherently slow. In addition, many people still have sedentary, less exercise, high stress, bad mood, etc., which aggravate blood stasis. The accumulation of these garbage toxins will accelerate the aging of the body, and then fall into an aging →Blood blockage→The vicious cycle of accelerated aging!

To break this Strange circle, you can do exercises regularly, soak your feet, once the qi and blood flow, the toxins and garbage can be discharged.

Additionally,Girls also have a very important detoxification channel, that is, the aunt once a month. We can start to soothe the liver and regulate qi one week before menstruation, and the blood will flow when the qi moves; Let it go out along with the menstrual blood!

Third, learn to supplement , make up for your lack of energy

Another important reason for premature aging is the serious shortage of energy substances in the body. The energy supply of the internal organs is insufficient, and the function is weakened. Premature aging is coming. It is like not paying wages to workers. Workers either strike or slow down The same reason!

We must learn to make up First of all, the spleen and stomach must be replenished. Spleen and stomach qi and blood are the system in charge of digestion, absorption and excretion. The strength of the spleen and stomach function plays a decisive role in delaying aging. “Whether it is to maintain health and adjust the body, or to treat diseases, the spleen and stomach are the top priority!

Eat meals carefully Swallow slowly, eat half full, eat less raw, cold, cold, greasy, sweet and greasy food, often eat Chinese yam, millet, poria cocos, Gorgon seed, lotus seeds, sweet potato, beans and other whole grains, and often moxibustion or massaging Zusanli hole.

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The second is kidney essence, kidney essence is our The material basis of life, if the kidney essence is sufficient, the qi and blood will be sufficient, and the viscera will be harmonious. If you often stay up late, have multiple miscarriages, have a lot of sex life, overuse your brain, worry and fatigue, remember to eat more foods that nourish the kidney essence, such as raspberries , sealwort, wolfberry, black beans, black sesame, mulberries and the like.

Finally replenish qi and blood ! Qi and blood is the lifeblood of a woman, and it is consumed every day. Under normal circumstances, sleep and diet can replenish Qi and blood, but it is very depleted when tired, hungry, bad mood, and sick. If there is no timely replenishment, the body will The various functions of the machine will be weakened!

However, replenishing qi Blood is a technical task, and it cannot be supplemented by simply eating jujube, donkey-hide gelatin, astragalus, and Codonopsis pilosula. Especially for people with upper heat and lower cold, liver stagnation and spleen deficiency, once supplemented, they will get angry!

Follow you For your health troubles, care about your diet and daily life, pay attention to the way of life, and give you a fresh health care product every day, let us pursue a better life and health care together. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!