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Speaking of Tremella, you should be familiar with it. It is a food that people often eat. It is also called white fungus and snow fungus. Because of its rich nutrition, it has the reputation of being the best among bacteria. So what are the benefits of Tremella? There are many ways to do Tremella. It can be fried or eaten cold. Some people are not suitable to eat Tremella. What are its taboos?

The Tremella Benefits

1. Protect the liver and regulate the body. Eating tremella regularly can improve the liver’s ability to detoxify, which can also promote absorption and digestion, and help people reduce the burden on the liver. Tremella has more carbohydrates, and these nutrients can provide the body with the energy it needs.

Some studies show that the nutrients in Tremella are good for the human respiratory system, that is, eating Tremella regularly can prevent some respiratory diseases. The most common is to reduce bronchitis or pulmonary heart disease, so eating white fungus often can play a role in regulating the body.

Second, detoxification and beauty, weight loss and body sculpting. Tremella is a very nutritious food. It contains a lot of dietary fiber. These substances can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, promote the absorption of the small intestine, and can also excrete harmful substances in the body. to detoxification.

In addition, Tremella contains a substance similar to gum arabic that can moisturize the skin and beautify the face. This substance can nourish the skin and play a cosmetic role. Moreover, the carotene contained in Tremella, although the mechanism of action is different, can also nourish the skin, and can also eliminate facial wrinkles and make the face more shiny.

Three, improve immunity. Tremella contains a polysaccharide called Tremella polysaccharide. Current research has found that Tremella polysaccharides can improve human immunity, inhibit tumors and delay aging. First of all, Tremella polysaccharide can promote the growth of flora in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby increasing the body’s ability to resist external germs.

On the other hand, it can improve the body’s immune defense system and enhance the activity of immune cells such as phagocytes. Enhanced immune cell activity will promote the growth of cytokines, so the body’s ability to resist the outside world will increase.

The practice of Tremella

Binarium mixed with soy sauce

Materials: 50g fungus, 50g white fungus, 1 fresh red pepper, salt, sugar, vinegar, spicy oil, green onion in appropriate amount

Method of preparation: 1. Dried fungus and white fungus after soaking in warm water, remove the roots, wash and blanch them for later use. Onion, pepper cut into sections.

2. Put the raw materials into a container, add onion, chili, vinegar, sugar, salt, spicy oil, fresh dew and mix well!